Rainbow Six Extraction: Update 1.05 Introduces the New Prestige System

Update 1.05
Update 1.05 Ubisoft

Update 1.05 for Rainbow Six Extraction is now available and it introduces the new prestige system where you can unlock unique permanent rewards, including icons, headgears, and uniforms.

There are 10 extra levels for each operator in Rainbow Six Extraction. Prestige levels are separate from milestone levels and are displayed in the user interface. At Level 5, you will unlock a special uniform and at Level 10, you will get a new headgear.

In addition, there’s a new Protean modeled after the REACT agent, Vigil. This new enemy appears to have the ability to become invisible and may mimic Vigil’s abilities, as is the case with other Proteans.

Aside from the new content, some balancing changes have been implemented. The Fostech Origin-12, or FO-12 for short, is a semi-automatic combat/tactical shotgun considered the fastest semi-auto shotgun in-game. In Update 1.05, the FO-12’s damage has been reduced from 35 to 25. Some people are surprised by the nerf, but Redditor @Somato_Tandwich offers an explanation. Apparently, the FO-12 can melt an Apex or Tormentor if you get close enough. So to balance this weapon out, an adjustment had to be made.

Patch Notes

  • Fixed an issue with Crosshair changing between weapons and REACT Gadgets or Abilities
  • Primary and Secondary Crosshairs no longer appear on screen at the same time
  • It is now easier to Ping Refill Stations when enemies are in your line of sight
  • Players are now able to accept a second Buddy Pass invite from the same friend
  • General improvement of stability
  • Players should not get stuck in the Airlock transition anymore
  • There will be no longer flickering smoke during the Airlock transition flow
  • Enemies now spawn in a subzone, if the Archaean Havoc mutation is active and the objective includes an Elite Grunt
  • Two players are no longer able to block the third player from entering the Airlock. There's enough space for all of you
  • Spikers should now correctly shoot Nanothermite charges during the Sabotage objective
  • Fixed an issue where stabbing a Smasher in the back didn't always provide progress for Study: Smasher Vulnerability
  • Fixed an issue of missing sounds from Storm Spikers
  • Better movement for players and enemy variants, which includes vaulting, droning, and improved enemy routes
  • Holographic Sight Alignment on the M12
  • We made changes regarding the Iron Sight alignment on the following weapons:
    • AUG A3
    • F90
    • MK14 EBR
    • Supernova
    • Type89
    • V308
    • L85A2
  • Auto-Turret is now able to target sticky Spores
  • XR Recon Drone can now scan Sower mines consistently

The full patch notes for Update 1.05 can be found on Rainbow Six Extraction’s official website.

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