PUBG Update 12.1: Major Changes to Miramar, New Weapons, and More

PUBG Update 12.1
Update 12.1 PUBG Corporation

A major update for PUBG is here and it comes with a major overhaul to a fan-favorite map, as well as new weapons and improvements. Update 12.1 was recently released on test servers letting players experiment with the changes. 

Miramar has undergone a graphics overhaul where some of its environmental aspects have leveled up, and those who played with the map since the original release in 2017 might notice the differences. The updated map now looks more realistic than ever and if you pay close attention to the cliffs, foliage, and lighting, you can see what the developers did.

Miramar Redesign
New Miramar Photo: PUBG Corporation

New Additions

Aside from the graphical overhaul of Miramar, you can expect new things including the Lynx AMR. It is a semi-automatic crate gun and the game’s first .50 caliber weapon.

Lynx is meant to be used as your weapon of choice when dealing with vehicles. It is so powerful that it can penetrate windows and walls as well.

While it is devastating, the Lynx AMR is limited to five shots and you do not have any means of reloading it.

There is also a new vehicle called the Quad. It is an off-road vehicle that lets players have another teammate ride at the back. It has a total health of 750 and has a maximum speed of 125 kilometers per hour.

Take note that the Quad is only available on Miramar, though the developers are thinking about adding it to Training Mode or custom matches in the future.

UI Changes and Bot Improvements

For players who want to tinker with their character’s appearance, a new context menu is added to help in customizing your avatar much easier. This is done by right-clicking on a particular item to reveal more options. There is also a new skin tier information added to the store preview.

The developers have made changes to AI bots. They can now jump from the airplane the same way as you do and they’ve also incorporated additional interactions to mimic a human player.

PUBG Update 12.1 is now available on test servers and is coming to live servers next week.

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