PUBG Mobile Patch 1.4 Beta Now Available on Android and iOS

PUBG Patch 1.4 Beta
PUBG Patch 1.4 Beta PUBG Mobile

Do you want to be on the battlefield with Kong and Godzilla? If so, PUBG Mobile released a new beta patch that you can download right now.

The update is quite hefty, so make sure that you have plenty of storage on your device. Android users will require 660 MB of free storage while iOS owners need 1.67 GB.

New Mode

The major addition in Patch 1.4 is the arrival of a new game mode called Titan Strikes. When you play, the Titans from the recently released Godzilla vs. Kong movie will duke it out in the background and provide a new thrill for players.

These Titans can be found in the Sanhok, Erangel, and Livik. But you must wait for the entrance to open and follow the pattern to see all three Titans.

According to the official patch notes, the Titans will start wreaking havoc on Spawn Island and then slowly traverse to random areas across the map.

For people who have watched the movie, they can expect similar objects from the film have been added to the maps.

After some time, the Titans will create crystals that players can use to their advantage. The Erangel Titan Crystal is a throwable item that can burn enemies and knock them back. The Sanhok Titan Crystal can enhance the player’s abilities. Lastly, the Livik Titan Crystal can detect nearby enemies for a short time.

Other Additions

Although seeing Titans fight in the battlegrounds is fun, there are other noteworthy extras as well.

The update introduces a new shooting mode called OTS or “Over the Shoulder.” This can improve accuracy for a short period but at the cost of mobility.

If you are a fan of the M249, you can expect improvements in both its stats and appearance.

Patch 1.4 also made adjustments to pistols, which now have a higher headshot multiplier and overall damage output. Some guns like the Desert Eagle and R1895 also have their rate of fire increased.

Because the update is still in beta, you can expect bugs while playing the game. If you encounter some issues, do report them.

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