PUBG Introducing New Paramo Map In Season 9

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A new dynamic map in the works.
A new dynamic map in the works. PUBG

PUBG Season 9 is just around the corner and it’s time to look at what it has to offer. For one, the runtime for the season is only going to last two months. There’s also going to be a new map, plus two different passes, the latter of which is set to be exclusive for the new season.

A New Dynamic Map

Season 9 is all set to introduce the mysterious and treacherous plateau of Paramo. In addition to having untold secrets, it has a very active volcano. This 3x3 map adds a dynamic world to PUBG. What that means is that the system alters locations between matches, ensuring that each trip to Paramo offers a unique experience. For example, with a volcano present there’s going to be some dynamic lava flows. In addition, Paramo is also going to accessible only by helicopters. The choppers don’t just drop of combatants as they also distribute care packages.

Here’s what else you need to know about Paramo:

  • Seasonal Match
    • Because of the new Dynamic Map Locations system, Paramo is going to be provided as a Seasonal Match separate from current matchmaking pool.
    • Paramo is provided as a Seasonal Match exclusive for Season 9 only.
      • Seasonal Matchwa have bots disabled.
      • Seasonal Matches do not count for your Career > Stats.
      • Seasonal Matches have the Battlestat feature disabled.
      • Seasonal Matches allow players to complete missions.
  • Paramo Map Rules
    • 3×3 km playable area with dynamic map locations.
    • 64 Players
    • TPP Squads Only
    • No Red Zones
    • The Blue Zone shrinks slowly, but deals more damage compared to other maps, even in the early phases of the match.
    • Motorcycles are the only vehicle available on Paramo and can usually be found near small villages.

Two of Them

If you’ve been following, there’s going to be Season Pass released with update 9.1. Players that buy the pass get the chance to earn exclusive rewards. It should be noted that because the season is shorter, this pass has been modified. While this pass focuses on Paramo, a second pass is going to be released with Update 9.2 and focus on an infamous PUBG character.

Update 9.1 on Test Server

The new Paramo map is now available on the Test Server. The Ranked Mode is also on the Test Server which is going to introduce the Ranked Solo queue. This should allow players to take on Ranked Battlegrounds versus other solo players.

Learn more about what’s going to happen with PUBG Season 9 here.

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