Project: Gorgon Latest Update Introduces Mounts

Project: Gorgon
Project: Gorgon Elder Games, LLC.

Project: Gorgon is an MMORPG that promises to deliver an immersive experience. Its unique trait is that you can learn as many combat skills as you want - from taming animals to fight for you to creating explosive concoctions.

Recently, the game has received a new update that lets you learn how to ride a horse. The horse not only allows you to travel faster, but it also serves as extra storage thanks to the saddlebag. You can use this to tuck away your items for later use.

There are several things you should know about this feature. A horse costs 6,000 councils and can be purchased from a trainer in Hogan’s Keep, Eltibule. You’ll need an empty stable to store the mount.

In addition, if you log in to the game this month, you can redeem a free pack that contains a basic horse tack. You can do this by clicking the “Redemptions” button at the bottom of the Persona window. You can create better tack by learning a new crafting skill from Amulna. The skill requires Leatherworking 50 to learn.

What’s more, you can access your saddlebag even when you’re not on the mount. You just have to be in the area where you can ride your horse. In other words, you can access it anywhere, except when inside dungeons.

You can learn more about mounts here.


  • Added a new window for cosmetic pets, accessible via a button in the Persona window
  • Added a "Hotbar Layout" option for attaching the sidebar to the main Hotbar, which turns it horizontal and places it underneath the active skills Hotbar
  • Added options to individually lock most HUD elements, either by right-clicking on the window's title bar or by clicking a lock icon
  • Added a search bar to Special Abilities in Skills and Abilities window
  • The skills window now lists previously-earned skill rewards under the list of upcoming rewards
  • Slightly sped up animations for First Aid and Patch Armor
  • Fixed a bug with players not standing back up after dying
  • We now prevent right-click movement when dead
  • You no longer stop auto-running when using an ability without a channeling time. This functionality can be re-enabled via the "Always Stop Auto-Moving when Using an Ability" option in the Settings window under Controls

Project: Gorgon is available on PC.

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