Pretty Girls Tile Match Coming to Steam September 29

Hello ladies!
Hello ladies! Zoo Corporation

Pretty Girls Tile Match is launching on PC through Steam this September 29. Developed by Zoo Games, it’s the 18th title in the Pretty Girls series. As an added bonus, the game will be offered at 20% off during the first week of its official launch.

Pretty Girls Tile Match is a classic triple-match game where players have to match three mahjong tiles of the same pattern and make them disappear. Features include:

  • Challenge all 120 stages
    • There are 20 stages available for each of the six characters.
    • Earn points by finishing each stage and get new costumes for the Pretty Girls from the dressing room shop.
  • Perfect for brain training
    • Clear a stage by matching three mahjong tiles of the same pattern to erase them.
    • Once all mahjong tiles on the field are erased, the stage is cleared.
    • Find the best order of mahjong tiles to erase, so that your hand won’t become full.
  • Hint functions are available to support your strategy
    • If the puzzle becomes too difficult, there are help functions available, like shuffle and undo, to name a few.
    • There’s also a hint function to help you when you’re in trouble.
  • The "KAWAII" girls await you
    • A total of six characters appear in the game.
    • New costumes can be changed in the dressing room.
    • All characters are voiced in Japanese.
  • The Dressing Room has been powered up
    • The well-known dressing room has been expanded even further.
      • It can now save/load scenes created in the diorama mode.
    • ​You can place multiple characters at the same time and customize the placement of each character, their expressions, and their costumes.
      • You can also create 10 different stamps to decorate your scene.
    • ​Create and store your ideal scene.

Meet the Cast

  • Beatrix
    • Queen of the fairy kingdom who descended to the human world.
    • She is an egomaniac who respects beautiful things and can't help acquiring them.
  • Riara
    • A beautiful girl who is lightly flirtatious.
    • She’s a fashionable dancer and model.
    • She is also a troublemaker who likes to play pranks.
  • Makoto
    • A lively, athletic and energetic girl.
    • She is good at dancing but not fashionable.
    • She hates crookedness and has an honest personality.
  • Sizuka
    • An attractive woman with a beautiful face and a soft demeanor.
    • Raised by a young lady and is somewhat naïve.
    • Active as a model and in TV dramas.
  • ​Mamiko
    • She is neat and innocent yet calm and a natural elder sister.
    • She has a very gentle personality and a maternal nature.
    • She is often seen as younger than her age.
  • Rui
    • A tall and beautiful girl with a model figure and good looks.
    • Contrary to her appearance, she is a strong-willed and caring person with an older sisterly personality.
  • Honoka
    • A natural beauty with a calm, cheerful, and innocent personality.
    • She is often liked by the opposite sex as the ideal girlfriend.

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