Preorders for Shadowverse: Champion’s Battle Now Available

Prepare for some interesting battles.
Prepare for some interesting battles. XSEED Games

Preorders of the upcoming game Shadowverse: Champion’s Battle for Nintendo Switch is now open. For the physical edition, it’s available at any XSEED Games Store and other participating retailers. There’s also a standard digital version at the Nintendo eShop. Both versions are priced at $49.99 and are set to be launched on August 10.

The game is based on the Shadowverse digital collectible card game released on mobile platforms and PC. While Shadowverse: Champion’s Battle is indeed coming to Switch, other platforms got a little something. Either the retail and digital version comes with a special promo code that can be redeemed on PC or mobile versions. It gives two alternate art cards, 10 seer’s globes, and cosmetic items.

Free Demo

A free demo has also been available and it features the first chapter of the game. It teaches players the basics of card battles and introduces everyone to their classmates. Those who try the demo can carry over their progress when they buy the full game. Download the demo here.

Know the Game

So what’s the game all about? Players take on the role of a student who recently transferred to the Tensei Academy. Here they meet a classmate, Hiro Ryugasaki, who teaches them the basics.

After that, they team up with the Shadowverse club president Rei, who’s actually the only member. The players then take on a journey to master this card battle game and win the national championship to bring back the club to its former glory.

In their quest for the championship, players explore not only the unique locations in the school but even the surrounding town. There are also encounters and events in unexpected places.

Key features of the game include:

  • Create the ultimate deck
    • Build decks from seven different classes.
    • Each one has its own strengths, cards, and abilities.
    • Collect more than 600 cards.
  • Play with friends or take on the world
    • Enjoy free matches, lobby matches, or ranked matches.
    • Get new cards and exchange deck codes in online play.
    • Play online or challenge friends through local wireless.
  • A colorful cast of characters
    • Meet familiar faces from the anime.
    • Players get to deepen their connection with their friends as they complete quests.

Are you ready to battle?

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