Power of Ten Update 1.0: New Game Mechanics and Bug Fixes

Power of Ten Update 1.0
Power of Ten Update 1.0 Steam

Power of Ten recently received a major update that featured a new playable ship and some game mechanic changes. In addition to that, the developer has introduced new content and bug fixes.

The 10th Playable Ship

The latest update introduces the 10th playable ship called the 4-1 ship. It is versatile in nature, and can be easily found in the last region of the game. Plus, each other ship will “shift” down a region from their current unlock area.

Progression Updates

As players continue and level their progression score, they are bound to unlock various power upgrades to all ships. When they are collectively obtained, players will get a significant boost and each level moving forward will require less to progress.

Gear Container Rerolls

Previously, rerolling the lowest tier containers was limiting, so the developer got rid of it. Now, rerolling may result in three endings: nothing, upgrade, or double upgrade. The developer hopes this will be more fun for players compared to the original mechanic.

Power of Ten Update 1.0

New Content
  • 4 new upgrades + 1 new starter upgrade.
  • 4 new weapons.
  • New system augment.
  • 2 more surge levels (10 total now).
  • 1 new consumable item.
  • Three new localisations: Turkish, Hungarian and Polish.
Quality of Life Improvements
  • Added a few tip screens for some less intuitive mechanics.
  • Loadout will display on pause during a run.
  • Interface/display size toggling without exiting the game.
  • Cloud saves enabled cross browser.
  • Fire asteroids are outlined in red making them much easier to see and avoid.
  • Added another larger level to UI scaling for those of you with tiny pixels.
  • System select will show how augments effect civilian counts.
Balance Changes
  • Systems with "Hazard Detected" have significantly less hazards that spawn.
  • Lots of small tweaks to various weapons to make some less powerful weapons stronger.
  • Starformer's ability has been tweaked slightly. Less missiles will fire but it'll slash swords at frequent intervals around it.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where having two controller/devices hooked up would cause the controls to not function.
  • Fixed an issue where system civilian count wouldn't display properly on system select.

You can read more about the patch notes here.

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