POSTAL 4: No Regerts Update New Weapon and Bug Fixes

Postal 4: No Regerts Update
Postal 4: No Regerts Update Steam

Postal 4’s developers recently released a new update that added new content and fixed various bugs.

A brand new weapon has been added to the game. It’s a rocket launcher with a unique property that lets you attach a kitty to the end to control the rocket’s trajectory. Also, an issue where cops sometimes attack the player when they are holding a weapon without any prior warning has been fixed.

POSTAL 4: No Regerts Update

  • ACOG sight for M16
  • New radio commercials
  • Scooter Time Trial Challenge side-errand!
  • Rocket Launcher
  • New Book Repository building in Suburbs tile and new Art Gallery in Riverside
  • More vendors/sellers, NPC interest points across various maps
  • Missing fast travel icons to MapOverlay
  • Empty inventory middle slot for VR/AR HUD
  • Old flame bug
  • Implemented a fix for the throw lines not playing
  • Green hand icon getting stuck on-screen in Cat Dude mode
  • Toilet and Champ Cage intractability
  • Auto-saves will now be numbered in Load Menu
  • Aim down sights not working when weapon bob is turned off
  • Issues where dialog lines would not be spoken by NPC
  • NPC's trying to attack the Dude while tazed
  • Ghost Town map overlay showing on Monday
  • Super Soaker firing the wrong ammo type after a reload
  • Getting stuck on a scooter after day transition
  • Sniper Rifle HUD icon not displaying properly
  • Bodyguards not reacting to fluid damage
  • Queue crash
  • Crash when returning to a dead player
  • Scooters now can damage ragdolls, a potential fix for players rag-dolled underground when falling off
  • Electric ballot issues. Fix security not reacting to the Dude if he attacks people in line
  • Issues with Sniper Rifle’s max zoom FOV
  • Another big batch of mapping bugs fixes
  • Bug where holding alt-fire after reloading with fire the primary instead of the alternate fire
  • Shell casing smoke being too transparentPit Boss using GameTester map iconP350 using the wrong HUD icon
  • Some tracer stuff with the Mop deflector
  • Issue where the player would not be registered in queue lines
  • Bug where the AI would keep whipping its neck back and forth for combat
  • “Quit to Main Menu” crash after completing Thursday
  • Updated Sign Beggar to properly remove the blocking volume when it's not needed
  • Certain trucks not exploding

You can read more about the update here.

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