'Pokémon Sun & Moon' Booster Boxes Mapped: How To Get Ultra Rare Or Holographic Every Time

The boxes of booster packs for 'Pokémon Sun & Moon' are mapped The Pokémon Company

It seems  there is a system for easily finding all the rare cards within boxes of Pokémon Sun & Moon booster packs. According to a video that shows the process, it is easy to get all of the rare cards out of a booster box with some simple counting.

Warning: The video has some R-rated language.

As seen above, every third pack in a box of Pokémon Sun & Moon boosters is a holographic or Ultra Rare card. The video also shows that typically, the rare cards alternate between a holographic card and an ultra rare card. The surefire way to tell if the booster pack will have one of the rare cards is if the bonus card in the back of the pack is white instead of green.

The video warns Pokémon players to not buy booster packs anymore, as the chances the box has been picked over is too great. However, if you happen to be at a store that has a fresh box of booster packs waiting to be sold, you could use this method for yourself. Just know that by doing so, you’re effectively making the rest of that box much less valuable, and taking away the chances of others at getting rare cards.

While this could be a fluke of a box, the evidence does seem to be pretty overwhelming. With more exposure to the issue, it’s possible The Pokémon Company could change how booster packs get sorted into boxes. This will help the community at large grow, since a handful of people in the know can’t come in and take all the good cards at once.

So what do you think? Are you worried about buying booster packs for Pokémon Sun & Moon now? Will you try to use this trick for yourself? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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