Play Detroit: Become Human On PC In December

  • Playstation 4
  • Action-Adventure
Detroit Become Human
Detroit Become Human Epic Games

Back in March, developer Quantic Dream announced that its previously-exclusive PS4 titles Beyond: Two Souls, Heavy Rain, and Detroit: Become Human would be coming to PC via the Epic Games Store this year. Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls made their way to Windows in June and July, respectively.

Yesterday, the studio revealed that Detroit: Become Human will soon become a PC game on December 12. Detroit: Become Human is an interesting game, set in futuristic times where androids speak, move, and behave like humans, but with a primary purpose of serving humanity. The vast characteristic traits that androids exhibit raises the question “what all can androids do?” Players will be able to explore all of this as they control three different androids, named Connor, Kara, and Markus. The decisions that players make will determine the fates of these androids and the entire city of Detroit.

Additionally, Quantic Dreams stated that the PC version of the game has been built on a completely new engine that allows the game to be played in 4K. Check out the PC trailer here.

Detroit: Become Human was released for the PS4 on May 25, 2018, and was published by Sony as a PlayStation exclusive. The heavily story-driven game managed to sell 3.2 million copies and now the PC version is being published by Quantic Dream, looking to expand the potential audience.

The game can be pre-ordered for $24.99 at Epic Games Store.

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