Planet Zoo Update 1.11.1: Bug Fixes and Stability Improvements

Planet Zoo Update 1.11.1
Planet Zoo Update 1.11.1 Steam

Planet Zoo Update 1.11.1 is now here and it features several bugs and stability fixes. If you want to have fewer bugs and better gaming experience, download the patch and update the game.

Stability Fixes

Some players encountered an issue in offline mode where the game would crash when they tried to launch the game. This issue has been resolved in the latest update. So, if you’ve faced this issue before, it’s the perfect reason why you should update the game.

Animal Bugs

An issue where animals would still knock over bins when the vandalism option is disabled has been reported. In relation to that, another issue revealed that Red Foxes are unable to knock bins when the vandalism option is enabled. Both of these bugs are now resolved and should work correctly based on the vandalism option selected.

Planet Zoo Update 1.11.1

General Bug Fixes and Improvements
  • Fixed the Egyptian Fruit Bat not appearing in the "Exhibit" zoopedia filter.
  • Fixed sleeping animals not leaving a burrow when a pregnant animal needs to use it.
  • Fixed smaller pieces of dung hovering above the ground.
  • Made improvements to the orbit camera when following an animal entering a burrow.
  • Fixed Ring Tailed Lemur family from going through the bin during the attack.
  • Fixed the fur on the Raccoon, Striped Skunk and Red Fox disappearing too quickly.
  • Fixed guests sometimes not viewing walkthrough exhibits.
Game Modes
  • Reverted the “flat” map for Temperate Europe to use the original “Fields” skirt. The new “Carpathian mountains” skirt is still available for Temperate Europe zoos by selecting “sculpted” in the Terrain Type dropdown during zoo creation.
  • Updated Egyptian Fruit Bat Hat icon to accurately represent asset in guest's inventory.
  • Fixed the bin goo material so it can no longer be covered by snow.
  • Fixed mason work tower roof textures displaying incorrectly.
  • Fixed visual artifact on Twilight Veterinary Surgery blueprint.
  • Fixed scenery placement issues on the Twilight toilet blueprints.
  • Fixed visual artifact on Twilight Zoo Entrance blueprint.
  • Fixed scenery placement issues on the Twilight Night Garden blueprint.
  • Fixed visual artifact on Twilight Walkthrough Exhibit blueprint.
  • Fixed New DLC Career Scenario floating assets.
  • Fixed missing ceiling on one of the towers in the New DLC Career Scenario map.
  • Fixed clipping on Twilight Window Pane assets.
  • Bristlecone Pine assets now display the correct name and biome information when placed in a habitat.
  • Fixed Bristle Cone Pine Tree biome and continent information in its info panel.
  • Added missing size tags to the Emissive Window Panels.
  • Fixed Career silver guest objective which autocompleted a Gold objective.
  • Fixed Scenario 13 autocomplete Research level for new Twilight DLC Assets.
  • Fixed New Career Scenario unresearched level for new DLC Assets.
  • Fixed a bug preventing players from being able to complete the Gold objective due to the reporter visiting the zoo only once. Now, the reporter will return to the zoo every 12 months.

You can read more about the update here.

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