Path of Exile: Players Disappointed by GGG's Lack of Response to Bad Scourge Rolls

Path of Exile Scourge Expansion
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The Path of Exile community is generally disappointed by the lack of response from the developers of Grinding Gear Games about bad Scourge rolls, otherwise known as “Krangling.”

Before anything, the game’s new expansion, Scourge, introduced a unique mechanic where you can place an item or a map in the Blood Crucible. After killing monsters in the Nightmare Realm, you will get some Scourge rolls that have positive and negative effects while corrupting the item in the process.

Krangling, as the community puts it, is where a corrupted item’s negative effect would render the positive one almost useless. Even though GGG released an update last week that has brought improvements to this new league mechanic, it seems that those were not enough.

Lack of Response

Redditor @RelleckGames expressed their disappointment about GGG’s lack of response to Krangling. You see, the Redditor explained that the negative Scourge rolls outweigh the vast majority of positive effects on a particular item or map. While the recent update improved the map rolls somewhat, this “band-aid solution” is like the developers only intend to apply a major buff to maps and be done with it.

Redditor @everlust9 replied that if something is not fixed within the first three weeks of a new league, then it is not likely to change unless the main mechanic gets reworked.

Another user said that in a previous interview, GGG producer and lead developer Chris Wilson stated that the bad rolls/mods exist to dilute the mod pool and make "good" ones rare.

Redditor @kpiaum stated that the main reason why only the Scourged maps got some love is that the devs may not have enough time to rework existing mods on items. This is possible considering that the game has a three-month cadence of releasing new expansions.

What @kpiaum said may be true because Wilson has previously stated that they are going to improve the Atlas and fix its bugs that still exist to this day, in time for the release of Patch 3.17. The Atlas itself is massive and may require a lot of development time to make it better.

What do you think? Are you also frustrated by GGG’s lack of response to Krangling concerns?

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