Overwatch: New Mod Lets You Control the Game Using a Ring Fit Controller

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Have you ever been told by your friends and family to get a move on? This is a common statement being given to people who frequently sit in front of their computers for extended periods. Well, a certain developer has made a unique and fun way for you to burn those calories while playing a round of Overwatch.

Super Louis 64, a former developer from Gearbox, has created a mod that allows Overwatch players to utilize a Ring-Con controller, which is originally meant for the Ring Fit Adventure game.

For those who are unaware of what the actual controller looks like, think of a huge rubber ring with two Joy-Con controllers attached to it. The developer made some modifications of his own by adding a stepping pad as a means of inputting movement into the game.

How It’s Used

Super Louis 64 has posted a video showcasing how his modded controller is used in the game.

The basic idea here is players need to walk in place so that their character starts moving. Aiming and shooting are done on the Ring-Con controller and what’s great is that you have much better control with the crosshair in the process.

Once your ultimate is available, you can perform a squat to execute it. The developer said that after using it for a couple of minutes, you will definitely start to feel the burn.

He also added that because you constantly move your feet, one game feels like you’re really working out a sweat.

This is great news for people who play countless hours per day. Seeing how taxing and enjoyable this mod is, it is definitely worth a try if you feel like you’re gaining weight due to lack of exercise.

Now, you might be asking if there are any downsides to using this mod? Yes, there are. The developer revealed that players cannot strafe or move backward. That means you’d have to turn the camera manually and run toward the desired direction.

Despite the shortcomings, the mod will definitely be a godsend for people who want to get physically active and enjoy a game of Overwatch.

What do you think of this accessibility mod? Will you try it yourself?

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