Overwatch 2: New Tank Ramattra Storms in Season 2 via Latest Update

New Tank: Ramattra
New Tank: Ramattra Twitter/@PlayOverwatch

The second season of Overwatch 2 is now live on all platforms. With the start of the new season is an update that introduces the game’s first “Tempo Tank,” Ramattra.

Meet the New Hero

New Tank Hero: Ramattra
New Tank Hero: Ramattra Twitter/@PlayOverwatch

Blizzard uses the term “Tempo Tank” to describe Ramattra because he has two forms that players can switch to at any given time, making him a pretty versatile hero in Overwatch 2.

The first is called the Omnic Form. Using this gives Ramattra the ability to create a barrier at a targeted location with his Void Accelerator’s secondary fire. This is a perfect tool whenever his teammates need protection.

His second form is called Nemesis Form and activating this ups Ramattra’s offensive capabilities. Instead of using a ranged weapon, he now engages enemies in melee combat with Pummel. Pummel’s secondary is worth mentioning because Ramattra gets significantly less damage from the front at a cost of reduced movement speed.

Players can unlock Ramattra for free at Level 45 of the Season 2 Battle Pass. Those who want to get their hands on the game’s newest tank without the arduous grind can purchase the Premium Battle Pass for 1,000 Overwatch Coins or $10.

Season 2 Map Pools

The company has revealed the Overwatch 2 map pool for Season 2 in the latest update as well. Players can engage on the new map called the Shambali Monastery in the Escort map mode.

Here’s a rundown of the Season 2 map pools:

  • New Queen Street: Morning
  • Colosseo: Evening
  • Esperança: Morning
  • Blizzard World: Overcast (NEW)
  • Eichenwalde: Evening
  • King’s Row: Evening
  • Midtown: Morning
  • Paraíso: Morning
  • Dorado: Evening
  • Junkertown: Morning
  • Circuit Royal: Night
  • Rialto: Morning
  • Route 66: Night
  • Busan: Night
  • Ilios: Evening
  • Lijiang Tower: Dawn
  • Nepal: Evening (NEW)
  • Oasis: Morning (NEW)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that was causing Roadhog's breaths to not be audible when viewing some animations in the Hero Gallery
  • Fixed a bug that caused some players to lose competitive challenge progress
  • Resolved an issue where several products couldn’t be unlocked from the Hero Gallery
  • Fixed an issue with the Lifesaver Challenge not counting Mercy's Resurrect as a 'Save'
  • Resolved an issue with purchases not immediately showing up after purchase
  • Fixed a bug with Torbjörn and Symmetra's turrets displaying hostile red overlays in Deathmatch for the player that placed them
  • Busan
    • Fixed an area of the map where players could get stuck
  • Colosseo
    • Fixed geometry that allowed some heroes to contest undetected
  • Esperança
    • Fixed some areas that could be used to escape the playable space
    • Fixed geometry that allowed some heroes to contest undetected
  • Gibraltar
    • Fixed lighting issues across the map
    • Fixed some areas where Torbjörn could place his turret in unreachable spots
  • Nepal
    • Replaced some missing pillars on Sanctum
  • Paraíso
    • Fixed a bug that allowed some heroes to get inside of the payload
  • Route 66
    • Fixed lighting issues across the map
  • New Queen Street
    • Fixed some issues with shadows across the map
    • Fixed an area of the map where players could get stuck

So, what can you say about the latest tank in Overwatch 2?

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