'Osiris: New Dawn' Indie Space Survival MMO Launches On Steam Early Access Sept. 28

Osiris new dawn space indie mmo
Osiris: New Dawn. (c) Fenix Fire Entertainment

Osiris: New Dawn, a space MMO from indie game developer Fenix Fire Entertainment, is now available on Steam Early Access. Check out the trailer below:

The trailer for Osiris: New Dawn shows us an airplane skimming the surface of a dusty orange planet before arriving on base as a voice warns “prepare for incoming indigenous,” referring to the massive hostile native wildlife. Then we see a single soldier floating through space alongside what appear to be satellites, maneuvering a small ship downwards. We see there’s been a Critical Breach of systems and watch our hero duck into a small module, which slowly expands into a real base, with plants growing and computers beeping.

Exciting space battles against the native fauna ensue, as well as exploration through dark caverns lit only by our hero’s suit. Then the ship ascends upwards into space (I’m getting No Man’s Sky flashbacks…) and we see more fighting and running. And that’s the end of our zippy Osiris: New Dawn trailer.

“After five years of development, making Osiris available on Steam Early Access is like playing the game itself, incredible and frightening,” stated Brian McRae, CEO and founder of Fenix Fire. “This is just the very beginning of this epic journey, as we deliver what we think is a stellar experience to players.  We plan to continuously add new content as we expand the mission. I look forward to hearing fan’s constructive feedback and seeing what they enjoy and what they want to be added to make Osiris as grand as space itself.”

Game features include multiplayer colonization, a crafting and research system to help you not only survive but thrive, exploration of your own planet and eventually others, and the option to choose between first or third person controls as you eliminate the native species. (Where is there never a xenologist on hand when you need one…)

Osiris: New Dawn is available on Steam Early Access for $24.99. The Osiris: New Dawn console mission will launch on Xbox One via ID@Xbox and PlayStation 4 in 2017. Will you be checking it out? Feel free to talk Osiris: New Dawn in our comments section below.


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