Orbital Bullet: Patch 5 Adds Howitzer and Hyper Cannon Weapons and More

Orbital Bullet
Orbital Bullet Steam

Orbital Bullet Patch 5 was released recently and introduced four new weapons, including the Howitzer, Hyper Cannon, Energy Ball Gun, and Drone Gun.

New Weapons

The Howitzer is a huge gun that fires a long-range shell projectile which splits upon impact. This is perfect for areas containing lots of enemies since the projectile can potentially hit many of them.

The Hyper Cannon is best used for long distances. This weapon’s projectile creates a deadly explosion at the end, decimating any foe unfortunate enough to be in the blast radius.

The other two weapons in Patch 5 are the Energy Ball Gun and Drone Gun. The former fires a slow-traveling, pulsing energy orb while the latter spawns mini drones that can follow the player and attack enemies within range.

Orbital Bullet is a fast-paced, action-platformer with rogue-lite elements. What makes this game unique is its 360-degree gunplay where projectiles traverse in a 360-degree pattern. It also features permanent upgrades and skills, which can be purchased using Nanobytes.

Patch Highlights

  • Cutscenes can now be skipped
  • Added cloud saving
  • New improved indicators for flying enemies to better identify in which circle they are
  • Removed the explosion from the Tank Jumper enemies which they would cause on death
  • You can now check your skill info in the skill tree on the pause menu
  • Increased the investment speed of all skills & weapon blueprints in the base
  • Disabled the Combo UI in the Eternity Tower, so it does not overlap with the current upgrades
  • Increased time between the slam and the spike spawning for the Overseer boss. This increases the time to dodge his attack
  • Added a display in the pause menu for the weapon mods of your weapon with a short description of what they do
  • Reworked Rift rewards to make them more predictable, so you can better plan if you want to enter them or not. It still has a 1 to 3 Star rating depending on your performance
  • Added feedback to unlocking the weapon mods in your run
  • Added feedback and a small effect above the player when collecting ammo to indicate what you've just collected
  • Added an icon to your health bar if you have the "Beyond Death“ upgrade available. This does prevent you from death once, and you can now see if it's available for you or not
  • Added a credit display to your skill tree during the run so you can better see how many re-rolls are possible or if synergies with upgrades make sense

Orbital Bullet Patch 5 is available on PC.

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