notmycar Season 2: New Round Of Automotive Battle Royale Now On Steam

Season 2 available on Steam.
Season 2 available on Steam. NMC Studios

Season 2 of notmycar is officially out for the PC via Steam Early Access. Starting today and until August 2, players also get the chance the unlock "The Clementine," the car inspired by none other than The Walking Dead.

For those not familiar, notmycar is an automotive battle royale game. Players are placed on a massive island battleground where they fight for their lives at breakneck speeds to outlast the competition and remain the last car standing. Players have to drop, drive and destroy with diesel-powered fury and an arsenal of brutal weapons and abilities. To win, you need a skilled hand on the wheel and the trigger to win the fast-paced, tire-burning chaos that is notmycar. First launched back in April, Season 2 adds a number of new updates, including:

  • Faster Matchmaking: Find other players more quickly than ever!
  • Bigger Matches: Now compete against up to 40 other players at a time.
  • New Car Classes: Drive a growing roster of vehicles, with each class having their own specialties to match your playing style.
    • LIGAR -- The newest and fastest supercar on the battlefield!
    • MANTIS -- Great for stopping on a dime and sneaking up on your prey.
    • ASP -- The power to defend attacks and the torque to power drift kill streaks.
    • BEAST -- Bully your way and smash into your rivals locked and loaded!
  • New Personalization – Access over 300 vehicle skins, horns, flags and drones to customize your vehicle.
    • New Skins - Show off your ride with a growing library of vehicle skins including Clementine’s car Inspired by S4 of Telltale’s The Walking Dead
    • New Horns - They will remember you when the last thing they hear is your custom horn: a Police Siren to a Train to a Lion’s Roar, you will be heard!
    • New Flags - Support your team or country with over 100 different flags to collect.
    • New Drones - Get a double-shot of adrenaline when you glide your car into every match with style

notmycar is a free-to-play vehicle-based battle royale game where players control a car that they can customize and equip with a variety of weapons they find across the battlefield to eliminate other drivers to be the last one driving.

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