'No Man's Sky' Path Finder Update: New Land Vehicle Coming Soon

The Path Finder update for No Man's Sky is almost here Hello Games

Hot off the excitement of winning an unexpected award, No Man’s Sky has also started posting about the next big update, called “Path Finder.” This news comes from the No Man’s Sky Steam page.

The big inclusion in the Path Finder update will be a new land vehicle that will aid in planet exploration. According to Hello Games, this update, paired with the updates that came in the Foundation update, will “hint at a path ahead for the future.” What does that mean? Start your speculations now.

Detailed patch notes for the Path Finder update will come once the update is live.

Hello Games mentions in the post that feedback from the Foundation update was exciting and encouraging. This has apparently given the developers the motivation to continue listening to both positive and negative feedback, with plans to address the community’s wishes better.

If you’ve been out of the loop on everything No Man’s Sky, the Foundation update added several major features and game modes. Players now have a choice between the normal No Man’s Sky experience, a Creative mode with no restrictions and a Survival mode that adds additional challenges.

Base building, camping, farming and massive freighters were also added. Freighters allow players to store a ton of resources, and even hire crew members to help run operations. With base building, players can set up a permanent residence and create an outpost. Camping allows players to create a safe save point while out exploring, crucial for those playing on Survival mode. Farming enables resource harvesting, so you’ll never run out of a rare plant if you find one.

Other tweaks, such as UI changes and bug fixes were also introduced in the Foundation update. The full patch notes for Foundation can be read here.

So what do you think? Are you excited to have a new land-based vehicle in No Man’s Sky? What other features would you like to see coming as well? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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