NHL 20 Gets First Official Gameplay Trailer

See EA's Real Player Motion in action.
Electronic Arts has released a gameplay trailer for NHL 20, showcasing its Real Player Motion system.
Electronic Arts has released a gameplay trailer for NHL 20, showcasing its Real Player Motion system. Electronic Arts

The upcoming sports simulation title NHL 20 has just released a gameplay trailer on the EA SPORTS NHL official YouTube channel. Fans of the hockey simulation franchise will be glad to know that a number of improvements have been made for NHL 20 with regards to the smoothness of its gameplay experience and realism in terms of graphics and animations. Check it out below.

Highlighted in the 2 minute and 50 second-clip is NHL 20’s usage and continuous improvement of RPM (Real Player Motion). For those who do not know, Real Player Motion is a technology developed by EA SPORTS dedicated to its sports simulation games that aims to provide smoother, more fluid, and more realistic movement by mimicking real-life actions and movements of professional athletes. Currently, Real Player Motion technology is being used in a number of EA SPORTS games such as the mixed-martial arts simulator UFC series, FIFA franchise and Madden franchise.

NHL 20, according to gameplay producer Ben Ross, will be the most realistic NHL game ever thanks to the improved Real Player Motion 2.0. In the trailer, multiple displays of these gameplay and visual upgrades were presented such as the implementation of Signature Shots, which is a new feature in NHL 20. Signature Shots are replications of real-life shot-styles of famous NHL players. For example, New Jersey Devils’ P.K. Subban and his high-winding slap shot is present in the game, as well as Alexander Ovechkin’s smooth and effortless one-timer.

Along with the 18 Signature Shots to be added to NHL 20, a myriad of other animations will be included such as 45 new “contextual” shot animations so players take more realistic looking shots with reference to position and distance from the net and the position of the puck. Goalies have also received AI updates that makes them smarter and more capable, preventing cheap goals and allowing them to make better choices regarding saves and redirects.

NHL 20 launches on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on September 13 with Toronto Maple Leafs star Auston Matthews gracing this year's cover.

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