New 'Yu-Gi-Oh!' Nintendo 3DS Game Coming This Summer

yugioh scan
Yu Gi Oh in Weekly Jump. VIA: Gematsu

Weekly Jump revealed that a new Yu-Gi-Oh! game is on the horizon for Nintendo 3DS and is set to be digitally released in Japan this summer.

Titled Yu-Gi-Oh! Saikou Card Battle, the new Yu-Gi-Oh! game will feature a new cast of characters original to the game. It’s not currently known if existing characters will appear. Players control the protagonist, a young boy with classic ridiculous Yu-Gi-Oh! hair, in his many duels against his rivals. You’ll also meet a character called Guide-san who will support you in your duels. The character is similar in appearance to the character on the “Tour Guide From The Underworld” card.

The characters listed in the scan include (via Gematsu ):

  • Protagonist – The main character and player avatar. Take control of this character and engage in duels against a variety of rivals.

  • Guide-san – An assist character who will support you in duels.

  • Psychic Tendo – A character who makes use of Psychic types to attack by various means.

  • Strong 19 – A power-type character who makes use of high attack power monsters to play out an intense battle.

Konami had previously confirmed that 2016 would see the release of a mobile Yu-Gi-Oh! game along with a console/PC game and a 3DS game, so odds are good that this game will be released in the West.

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