Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin Demo Getting Fixed

Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origins
Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origins Square Enix

Fans of the Final Fantasy franchise will be happy to know that Square Enix has a new game reminiscent of the Ninja Gaiden and Nioh games.

It was not long ago that a new Final Fantasy game was rumored to be announced at E3 2021. The game takes inspiration from the Dark Souls franchise, which means it may not only be a hack-and-slash game but also harder than the previous installments.

Recently, rumors were made true when Square Enix announced over the weekend the upcoming release of Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origins sometime next year.

What Is It?

Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origins is a game developed in collaboration with Team Ninja from KOEI Tecmo. For those not familiar with the company, they are responsible for developing Nioh and the Ninja Gaiden series.

This new Final Fantasy game is unlike any of the previous titles because its plot has a much darker tone. It will be similar to Nioh in terms of gameplay, so you can expect higher difficulty than you're used to.

You will take on the role of Jack, the main protagonist who is hell-bent on taking Chaos down. He will be accompanied by Ash and Jed, who will bring their own unique abilities to the party. As players unravel the story, they will go against some of the familiar monsters from the Final Fantasy universe.

The game will also use the job class system like in the older FF titles. You can cast offensive spells as a black mage or you can bash the skulls of your enemies as a warrior.

Beta Phase Supposed to be Out

The company announced at E3 2021 that Playstation 5 users can download and play the trial version of the game from June 13 until June 24. However, there is a problem.

You see, while the trial version is already available for download, players are unable to test the game out because an error message pops up as they run it. It seems that the game’s data is corrupted somehow.

The developers tweeted saying that they’re already aware of the issue and are working to resolve it as soon as possible.

The trial version of the game will only be accessible until June 24 at 10:59 p.m. EST but it may be extended due to this unfortunate issue.

Those who have a PSN account, an active internet connection, and a PS5 console will be eligible to test the trial version. Head over to the game’s official website for more information.

What do you think of this darker Final Fantasy game?

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