Need for Speed Unbound: Latest Gameplay Video Shows Meetups and Side Bets

It's for some meet ups.
It's for some meet ups. EA

Need for Speed Unbound is offering new features that's sure to excite not just longtime fans of the franchise but also new players. Be ready for a new experience with Meetups and Side Bets.

Meetups are an underground scene that allow players to meet other street racers. There, they can show off their style and custom rides, and of course, put their hard-earned money on the line. That’s because for each meetup, players can organize races and earn cash for wins.

Those who are not sure if they have the speed to win need not worry. Even when on the sidelines, there’s still a chance to participate by placing Side Bets and putting everything on the line for who they think is going to win.

You can learn more about Meetups and Side Bets in the recently released gameplay video. Watch it below:

Welcome to Lakeshore Online

Another feature that players can look forward to is Lakeshore Online, the multiplayer world of the game available at launch.

Lakeshore Online will also offer Meetups where everyone gets the chance to show off their vehicle and prove their skills. With online Meetups, players gain access to multiple race playlists where they can compete. However, races require certain tiers of cars to participate.

For example, a Single Tier Race Playlists means only one Tier of car is needed. Mixed Tiered Race Playlists, meanwhile, may require a Tier A car in one race and then a Tier S+ for another. That means players need to have a stable of rides having different tunings and tiers so that they can join in every online playlist.

For each of the Race Playlists, players are going to see multiple events like Street Races, Speed Races, and Corner King races. These race types are similar to those found in Meetups that's part of the campaign.

Players need to remember that once the first race in the Race Playlist begins, winning should be the only thing on their minds. The more racers joining in a Race Playlist, the more money there is for players to win and bank.

What do you think? Do you have what it takes to try Meetups? Need for Speed Unbound is launching December 2 on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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