NBA 2K20 Faces Problems As NBA Shuts Down

NBA's suspension impacts game.
NBA's suspension impacts game. NBA 2K

The National Basketball Association suspended all games earlier this week after it was found out that some players tested positive for the coronavirus. While that may be sad news for fans, it also had another unintended effect. In particular, it's giving some issues for NBA 2K20 players.

The problem was first reported by Kotaku who pointed out the impact of the suspension of games on the MyLEAGUE mode.

Fans of the game are probably familiar with the MyLEAGUE mode. This mode was first released back in NBA 2K15 and is a bit similar to MyGM. The difference is that while MyGM is mainly RPG-driven, this mode offers more of what is clearly a sandbox experience.

This 2K20 mode has a feature known as Start Today. Here players can start a career and base it on the NBA's current standings and statistics. It also makes use of the actual NBA schedule.

Kotaku revealed in the report that players who started this feature saw the game try to simulate some results, but ultimately NBA 2K20 ended up crashing. While there's no question that the schedule is present, the problem likely lies in the fact that because of the postponement, there are no results or stats for the feature to use.

It’s clear that no one could have predicted this would happen. However, players are likely waiting for updates, if any, that can solve this particular issue.

Not Yet Over

While there may be no more live games, one team wants to see how the season could turn out. GameSpot reported that the Phoenix Suns are going to continue the season, but by streaming games of NBA 2K20. The report cited the team's official Twitter account regarding the announcement. However, that's all the tweet revealed and gave no other details.

According to GameSpot, this plan could be worth a watch especially if some players are going to be involved. The games are going to be streamed live on Twitch.

NBA 2K20 is the latest offering of the NBA 2K franchise and was released for the PC, PlayStations 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Google Stadia in 2019. The regular edition has Anthony Davis on the cover while the Legend Edition features Dwyane Wade.

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