NBA 2K18 MyGM And MyLeague Changes: Story Mode And True To Life Financial Rules Will Appear In Game

General Managers in NBA 2K18 will consult with members of their team more than ever.
General Managers in NBA 2K18 will consult with members of their team more than ever. 2K

This week 2K released significant details concerning MyGM/MyLeague for NBA 2K18. The latest details were anticipated as many were wondering how 2K would improve on the modes after receiving great praise for them in NBA 2K17.

From the tremendous amount of features discussed, three takeaways will be essential for NBA 2K18 and the players of the game. While MyGM and MyLeague are not everyone’s cup of tea, it seems that 2K upped the ante with the modes and made it even more real-life. Let’s begin with the most talked about addition.

MyGM Mode Will Be A Story Mode

“On a warm, May night at the 2011 Western Conference Finals in Dallas, it all came to a sudden end. Your knee, it was finished. Now what?

Fast forward six years and you find yourself at the outset of MyGM: The Next Chapter. After a number of interviews over the last couple years, you have just landed a job as the GM of an NBA team. Widely respected for your on-court success, you have finally found an owner that believes the very drive that propelled you to the top of the NBA will help you propel his team to an NBA title.”

Now, MyGM has transformed to this: The Next Chapter is a story mode, which adds an interesting dynamic to the mode, including everything from dealing with your team’s owner and players along with press members and other GM’s from around the league. You as the general manager are in charge of the direction the team goes, and if NBA 2K18’s MyGM is anything like NBA 2K17’s MyGM mode, your decisions will be scrutinized at every turn.

This was the obvious direction that the mode should have gone in. The interactions between every member of an organization were the part of the mode that was always intriguing because you didn’t know when they were coming and what the interactions would be about. Changes to MyGM adds more intrigue and surprise to a mode that continues to get better.

Inclusion Of Real-Life NBA Collective Bargaining Agreement

Major sports gaming nerds like myself are the only ones who care about the NBA's CBA included in NBA 2K18. The NBA CBA may be one of the more complicated in any sport, but there are so many interesting parts of it that it had to be included in NBA 2K18.

Things like the new Super Max contracts (Stephen Curry received a 5-year, $201 million Super max deal this summer) and annual contract increases are things that could make or break your team’s roster and should be in every NBA video game. The problem comes with knowing everything in the CBA as there is a lot to go through. Hopefully, 2K puts in some handbook, similar to MLB The Show, that explains things in detail about random things such as stretch provisions and the “Over 38 Rule”.

2K Paying Attention To The Little Things

Things like a better All-Star experience, draft rights trading and hardship exceptions seem like minor things that are unnecessary. But 2K realizes that to remain one of the best sports games on the market, they have to continue to up their game, and that means adding things that seem very inconsequential.

While International Draft Pick Stashing may be a little too much regarding the moves you can do, it does show that 2K is attempting to change the game of simulation style franchise modes in games. The question is whether the AI is strong enough to keep these little things in place and that they make sense as players move through the MyGM/MyLeague.

What are your thoughts about the latest MyGM/MyLeague news for NBA 2K18? Let us know in our comment section.

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