NBA 2K League Fines Cavs Legion GC $10,000, LYKaPRO Suspended

Cavs Legion GC
Cavs Legion GC Cavs Legion

The NBA 2K League has issued a $10,000 fine against the Cavs Legion GC. In addition, the League also suspended team point guard Cody “LYKaPRO” Hart for three regular-season games as well as THE TURN. The penalties result from the violation of a league rule during a game versus Magic Gaming last April 11.

During that game, Magic Gaming lost against Cavs Legion 57-59. Magic Gaming then filed a complaint which led to the League conducting an investigation, which included interviews with players, team managers, and executives from the two teams. The investigation revealed that Cavs Legion was in violation of a one-time league rule in relation to the use of defensive matchups, both mutually agreed upon by the Cavs and Magic with 11:18 remaining in the game. This is a function that is mainly controlled by the point guard.

The team fine was for the violation as well as obstructing the investigation of the League. In addition, team members Marcus “Godddof2K” Glenn, William “Strainer” Morales, Gerald “Sick X 973” Knapp, and Tim “oLARRY” Anselimo have been handed a $750 fine each for facilitating the violation.

A day before the match, on April 10, the NBA 2K community almost bore witness to what could have been an all out brawl, a rare moment in esports. On stage was a match between the Hawks Talon and the Celtics Crossover with the former winning the game. As the players of each team went to shake hands, Albano 'oFAB' Thomallar of the Celtics looked as if he was deliberately avoiding shaking the hand of the Hawks' Randolph 'Rando' Moreno. Instead, oFAB barged into Rando then turned to push the latter away. Celtics player Ahmed 'Mel East' Kasana tried to join the fray, but before things started to really heat up the league staff managed to keep the two teams at a distance from one another.

As expected, the League dished out fines due to this altercation. For his actions, oFAB was fined $500 and suspended one game. Mel East meanwhile was given a $500 fine. For the Talons, it was Connor "Dat Boy Shotz" Rodriguez who would be penalized and receive a one game suspension.

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