My Hero Academia Season 3 Confirmed In Shonen Jump

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All Might!
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Great news for fans of My Hero Academia, the blockbuster shonen anime adaptation considered by many to be this generation’s Naruto: season 3 has been confirmed via a sneak peek on issue 44 of Shonen Jump.

This news comes via Yonkou Productions on Twitter:

There are no details such as release date or number of episodes at this time, though a spring 2018 release date would dovetail neatly with the previous two seasons.

The ongoing manga is currently 15 volumes long. Season 2 adapts up to chapter 70 of the manga, which was published in July 2014 by creator Kohei Horikoshi. The anime adaptation, courtesy of Bones Studios, aired since 2016. Season 2 ends Saturday, Sept. 30, with episode 38, “Encounter,” which sets the stage for next season with a chilling titular encounter between protagonist Deku and archvillain Hands Face Guy (fine, Tomura Shigaraki), leader of the League of Villains.

As for season 3, the third season may cover the School Trip, Hideout Raid and Hero License Exam story arcs or it may drop one of the story arcs in favor of some filler. The three story arcs are 45 chapters altogether, and since manga chapters to anime episodes are about 2:1, that gives us juuuust enough to fill a season with a bit of creative stretching. Filler in season 2 was written by Horikoshi, so it shouldn’t be too bad.

Horikoshi has promised fans that My Hero Academia will run for a long time, with multiple sagas that take the characters from their high school days well into adulthood as professional heroes. Hopefully Horikoshi will be able to keep up the pace necessary for the anime to continue its annual (or at least biannual) release without serious effects to his health like other mangakas have suffered. Weekly Shonen Jump publishes new manga chapters weekly with tankobon volume releases every two to four months.

Are you psyched for season 3? What arcs do you think will be adapted? Feel free to let us know your thoughts on My Hero Academia season 3 in the comments section below.

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