MTG Arena Launches First Mythic Point Challenge On Saturday

Tournament starts this weekend.
Tournament starts this weekend. Wizards of the Coast

Magic: the Gathering Arena announced that the first Mythic Point Challenge of 2020 is set to begin this Saturday, February 29. Get ready to watch the best as they battle for Mythic Points.

For those interested to see if they are eligible, simply go to the MTG Arena client. If you can see the Mythic Point Challenge event, that means you are eligible. Aside from those who are part of the Magic Pro League and Rivals League, the top 1,200 Mythic-ranked players also get to compete:

  • Constructed or Limited during Thrones of Eldraine
    • Season 1 (October 2019)
    • Season 2 (November 2019)
    • Season 3 (December 2019)
  • Theros Beyond Death Season 1 (January 2020)

MPL and Rivals players are looking to increase their status as each Mythic Point players earn are added to their 2020 partial season standings. This upcoming competition is also good for those who want to make it into the league rank up for end-of-season invitations

Mythic Points also matter for top non-league leaderboard competitors in the first quarter of 2020, especially for those who want to qualify for Mythic Invitational Ikoria, which is scheduled for later this May.

All matches in this tournament are going to follow a best-of-three Standard, with players allowed up to 15 card sideboards. Players are going to use the same deck throughout the event, which means that they're going to be unable to switch decks once they submit their deck choice.

These are the Match Wins and corresponding Mythic Points and Gems:

  • Match Wins: 10
    • Mythic Points: 6
    • Gems: 3000
  • Match Wins: 9
    • Mythic Points: 5
    • Gems: 3000
  • Match Wins: 8
    • Mythic Points: 4
    • Gems: 2400
  • Match Wins: 7
    • Mythic Points: 3
    • Gems: 1800
  • Match Wins: 6
    • Mythic Points: 2
    • Gems: 1200
  • Match Wins: 5
    • Mythic Points: 1
    • Gems: 1000
  • Match Wins: 4
    • Gems: 800
  • Match Wins: 3
    • Gems: 600
  • Match Wins: 2
    • Gems: 400
  • Match Wins: 1
    • Gems: 200

For those who weren’t able to qualify for this event, there is the Mythic Qualifier in March where the top 1,200 Mythic ranked competitors from Theros Beyond Death Season 2 (February 2020) get to qualify. Meanwhile, the top 1,200 Mythic ranked competitors from Theros Beyond Death Season 3 (March 2020) are going to be eligible for the Mythic Point Challenge scheduled in April.

Learn more about the event here.

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