MSI Introduces Two New Curved Gaming Monitors

MSI New Curved Monitors
MSI New Curved Monitors MSI

MSI continues to expand its curved gaming monitor offerings by adding two new models to the collection. The two monitors - ARTYMIS 323CQR and ARTYMIS 273CQR - offer impressive gaming features, including 1000R curvature, fast response time, and a high refresh rate. While the technical specs for these monitors are out, MSI is yet to reveal the official prices. However, MSI has stated that both of these monitors will be available for purchase this month.


Technical Specifications

To kick things off, both of these curved displays feature a 1000R curvature. It is believed that a 1000R curvature increases immersion while gaming and reduces eye strain when used for a long time. Additionally, the monitors will use the MSI Smart Brightness 2.0 technology, which adjusts the brightness and color temperature based on the area's lighting. This is a similar feature to BenQ's Eye Care Brightness Intelligence Plus.


If you're wondering if the monitors come with IPS, you are in for a disappointment. The two displays sport a VA panel that supports up to 165Hz refresh rate, 1ms response, and 1440p resolution. High refresh rates and fast response time can make a big difference when playing fast-paced games, such as Call of Duty: Warzone, Valorant, and Apex Legends. The monitors are also VESA HDR Display 400 certified, meaning that the monitors support HDR400 and 10-bit color depth. MSI is offering a gaming OSD app for these monitors to allow easy configuration using the mouse. While the audio isn't the main feature, MSI still implemented the Sound Tune technology that uses AI to eliminate background noise to improve communication with your teammates.

MSI Monitor Specs
MSI Monitor Specs MSI

Besides these technical features, the monitors also include a KVM switch that allows switching the keyboard and mouse between monitors without unplugging. Moreover, the monitors feature a headphone hanger and mouse bungee, so you won't have wires cluttering your desk.

Speaking of the monitors' adjustability, the monitors do come with an adjustable stand that allows for height, swivel, and tilt adjustments.

The monitors are also optimized for PlayStation, enabling 4K resolution and HDR at the same time.

The MSI ARTYMIS 323CQR and ARTYMIS 273CQR are releasing in July.

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