Monstrum Switch Release Confirmed In Addition To Xbox One And PS4

The survival horror title first released on PC via Steam in 2015.
SOEDESCO announces a Switch port for the survival horror title Monstrum.
SOEDESCO announces a Switch port for the survival horror title Monstrum. SOEDESCO

The critically-acclaimed survival horror game Monstrum will soon be making its way to the Nintendo Switch. This announcement was made by developer Team Junkfish and publisher Soedesco. The Nintendo Switch version will be releasing both physical and digital versions.

Monstrum is a survival horror game that takes uses procedurally generated levels, making sure that each player experience is always unique. The game is set in an abandoned cargo ship that you need to escape. It will not be as easy as walking out and rowing away, though. Aside from the differing arena each and every time you attempt your escape, you are also pursued by three fearsome monsters called the Brute, the Fiend, and the Hunter. Each of these monsters also comes with their own unique quirks and behaviors that require observing and adapting to if you are to survive.

Aside from its procedurally generated levels and the almost sentient monsters you need to evade, Monstrum’s environment also changes, from closets you can hide in and tables you can stay under, to tools you can pick up and use to your advantage and for fixing the ship. Lastly, if its learning curve was not steep enough for both fans of the genre and newcomers, Monstrum introduces permadeath. Dying mean losing all your progress, no checkpoints, and no hints regarding where to find the good items, hiding places, and so forth. The only thing you learn from dying is how to escape from the monsters, but the map and environment you’re in offers no advantage in your second, third, or fourth life.

The indie survival horror title was initially released in May of 2015 for the PC. Since then, it has received a dedicated following backed by a “Very Positive” rating on its Steam page and resulted in a yet to be released sequel that is a “4v1 procedurally generated multiplayer horror labyrinth”. Titled Monstrum 2, it is expected to launch by Q4 2020.

Monstrum’s release date has not been announced yet. For those looking to have the terrifying experience on consoles, expect the launch date for the Nintendo Switch to also coincide with the previously announced PlayStation 4 and Xbox One launch.

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