Minute Of Islands Announcement Trailer Revealed, Due Out For All Platforms In 2020

The puzzle platformer is surprisingly haunting.
Mixtvision Games officially announces Minute of Islands, due out across all platforms in 2020.
Mixtvision Games officially announces Minute of Islands, due out across all platforms in 2020. Mixtvision Games

A new puzzle platformer is coming from developer Studio Fizbin, the creators of the acclaimed 2D point and click adventure The Inner World, and publisher Mixtvision, who backed the story driven adventure game FAR: Lone Sails. Titled Minute of Islands, the game was announced via a press release and will be launching in Spring 2020.

The game follows the story of Mo, a skilled tinkerer in a mysterious land inhabited by both humans and inscrutable giants. Giant-kind has since vanished, but they left behind otherworldly technology within the islands, which is in desperate need of maintenance. It is through this tech that Mo will keep an incoming threat at bay, and make her way towards becoming a hero. Throughout her journey, she will encounter family and friends that she needs to protect, and find a cast of colorful and curious creatures along the way.

Minute of Islands’ art style is very reminiscent of the animated series Adventure Time, which is both looks crude and cute at the same time. The hand-drawn visuals paired with a deeply atmospheric and emotional soundtrack will team up to uncover a poignant and poetic story. This is all too evident in its 1 minute 20 second trailer that showed its simplistic gameplay and minimalist aesthetic.

I’ve never been more equally horrified and awed at cartoonish visuals. Minute of Islands is quite atmospheric and visceral in its tone, despite the colorful art style and rather cheerful design. It’s definitely very intriguing, and if the art direction can be backed by solid gameplay through the puzzle platforming loop, then this is definitely a title to watch out for.

The indie puzzle platformer Minute of Islands will definitely pique the interest of gamers who love story driven and minimalistic games. The collab between Mixtvision and Studio Fizbin will launch in Spring 2020 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam.

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