Minecraft Offering New Maps Plus A New Skin Pack For Realm Plus This June

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New goodies this month.
New goodies this month. Mojang

Minecraft released its June offerings for Realms Plus this June. For those not familiar, Realms Plus is the game’s monthly subscription service that allows as much as ten players to enjoy some of the best content on the Minecraft Marketplace. Basically what Realms Plus does is allow members to have their own servers. For this month, there are new maps arriving along with a new skin pack.

Minecraft Realms Plus is giving out the Super Star Skin Pack, which allows players to get their 15 seconds of fame with celebrity outfits. The pack offers a total of 10 business, pop star, and rapper outfits. Be ready to take the stage as you strut your stuff.

In addition to the new skin pack, there are new maps arriving. These are:

  • Mutant Battle Arena by Jigarbov Productions
    • Enter the arena and get the chance to fight against epic bosses with challenging mechanics.
    • Aside from a new map, this one also offers:
      • Voice-acted adventure mode
      • Different game modes like PvP
      • Unique weapons
      • Trophies
  • Anime Academy by Ariacreations
    • If you love anime then you’re sure to love this one.
    • Get to attend school or even hop on a scooter and explore the city.
    • This immersive anime experience offers:
      • 20 free skins
      • Six quests
      • More than 20 new textures
      • Custom furniture, sounds, and vehicles
  • Crazy Car Tuning by Pixelbiester
    • Why settle for an old bucket of bolts when you can buy your favorite car, customize it, upgrade it, paint it, and then get behind the wheel and take it for a spin?
    • Race for victory with friends or roleplay in a beautiful city
    • It’s not only cars as you also get the chance to ride helicopters, planes, and boats, among many others.
    • Be ready to experience:
      • 20,000 tuning options
      • 1000x1000 custom map
      • Full soundtrack
  • Sports Day: Summer City by Blockception
    • Get the chance to be a part of summer sports, even while you’re on your couch.
    • Listen to music from a live band while exploring the city on a skateboard, roller skates, surfboard, bike, or scooter.
  • Skyblock Collectors by Cubed Creations
    • Go on a high stakes and high altitude adventure as you collect resources while unlocking new floating islands.
    • Play solo or with friends.
    • Get to receive:
      • Five free skins
      • 13 exciting and varied islands

What are you waiting? Log-in and start enjoying these goodies.

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