‘Milkmaid Of The Milky Way’ Walkthrough & Guide: How To Dry Wood, Rescue Cow, Open Spaceship Panels And More

milkmaid of the milky way walkthrough, guide, cheats answers puzzles how to dry wood fix separator get nail open ufo panels ios steam
Just started playing Milkmaid of the Milky Way but having some trouble with the puzzles? Check out our walkthrough of the game plus puzzle guide for how to dry wood, fix the separator, rescue the cow and more. Machineboy.com

Been playing Milkmaid of the Milky Way but some of the puzzles have you stumped? Check out our walkthrough guide of locations and puzzle answers to tricky tasks like drying wood, rescuing your lost cow and more.


On Thursday, an exciting new mobile adventure game, Milkmaid of the Milky Way released on the Apple App Store by one man development team, MachineBoy. Earlier we wrote a review of the delightful new game but refrained from posting any walkthroughs or spoilers so others could discover the beauty of the new offering for themselves. The game includes puzzles typical to the point and click adventure genre, and while none of them were so challenging as to make us want to rage quit, there were a few that required a bit more thoughtfulness or trial-and-error than others.

As a result, we decided to put together this walkthrough and guide which includes all the locations in the game, along with each puzzle you will encounter and how to solve it. We hope you find it helpful. We’ve labeled the guide by tasks so as not to “spoil” too much of the game for players.

Hope you find it helpful!


Milkmaid of the Milky Way Walkthrough & Location Guide: How To Dry Wood, Fix The Separator, Rescue The Cow And Other Game Puzzles

milkmaid of the milky way walkthrough, guide, cheats answers puzzles how to dry wood fix separator get nail open ufo panels ios steam
There are a number of paths and locations you can go to in Milkmaid of the Milky Way Photo: iDigitalTimes

Farm And Mountain Locations Guide

Below are all the locations you can get to from your house, in case you get lost. The walkthrough will name various locations you must go to in order to solve different puzzles.

From the house you can go to:

  • The Barn - found behind the house. This is where your cows stay at night.
  • On Top of the House - climb up the grassy part of your roof that slopes down near the ground.
  • Path to Town – Found in front of the house.
  • Mountains - To the left of the house is a path toward the mountains.
    • Overlook with Log Seat - Up the path, first stop is the overlook with a log to sit on.
    • Stone Doorway - Further up the trail a “doorway” made of stone that leads further up the mountain/hill.
    • Cow Grazing Space - Continue upward to get to cows grazing space.
  • Cows Grazing Space
    • Salt Rock - To the right of the cow grazing space is a path between the mountains where you’ll find the block of salt.
    • Boat Dock - To the left of the cow grazing space is a path that leads to a lake with a place to dock a boat.        
      • Wood Plank Bridge - To the left of the dock there is a little wood plank bridge
        • Scary Ledge - Cross the bridge and to the left is a path to a scary ledge
        • Mom’s Memorial - To the right is a path up to the mountains. You can continue up the mountain on the light blue trail. At the top of the mountain is Ruth’s mother’s memorial where you can gather stone and dry wood.

"Milkmaid Of The Milky Way"  Walkthrough And Puzzle Solutions: Day One

Below are all the tasks you will complete on day one in Milkmaid of the Milky Way, along with a walkthrough of how to complete them if you get stumped.

milkmaid of the milky way walkthrough, guide, cheats answers puzzles how to dry wood fix separator get nail open ufo panels ios steam
Milkmaid of the Milky Way Task 1: Milk The Cows Photo: iDigitalTimes
  • How To Milk Cows – To do this, you must find the bucket. There a paths behind the barn and in front of the house. It is lying on the ground down one of the paths. Once you have the bucket, return to the barn and stick it under a cow to begin milking. After milking, you’ll take the cows out to pasture where they’ll spend a good portion of the day.
  • How To Fix Separator, Separate Cream And Churn Into Butter – In the house on a table is metal separator but it’s missing the crank. Grab the spoon from beside the cook pot and take it with you (a much-used tool in this game). Go down the path to the front and left of the house till you get to the log seat at the overview. It has a nail stuck in the side. Use the spoon to get the nail out of the wood. Take the nail and use it as the crank handle on the separator. Place the milk bucket under the separator to separate, then use the churn to churn it into butter.
  • How To Fix The Roof – You are able to climb on the roof of your house. Up there you’ll notice the roof is broken. You need stones to fix it. You can find stones by going up the mountain to your mother’s memorial. Collect the stones and use them to fix the roof.
  • How To Dry Wood – Beside your house there is a wood pile for making a fire under the kitchen cauldron, but the wood is wet. To dry it, grab some wood. Go up the mountain to your mother’s memorial and leave the wood there to dry. You’ll have to return later when it’s dry.
  • How To Find Salt – In the location guide above, we mentioned a large brick of salt you can find. Beside it will be some smaller pieces of salt. Gather those as they will later be used in cheese making.
  • How To Make Cheese – Use the spoon to get a lemon out of the tree beside the house. Stick the lemon in the pot to substitute for vinegar in cheese making. Pour in the separated milk from the bucket into the cauldron. Go back to the mountain and gather your dried wood. Bring it back and set it under the cauldron to light the fire. Stick in the salt you found earlier to flavor it.
  • How To Rescue The Cow – When you go to sleep that night you’ll wake up and worry something is wrong. Head down to the barn and you’ll find one of your cows is missing. Go looking for her down the path with the salt rock. You’ll find her bell lying in front of the salt rock. The salt rock will be glowing in an eerie way. Head towards the cow grazing ground and to the lake with the boat dock. You cow will be in the water. To rescue her, bang the cowbell on the ship dock pole so she hears the sound. She’ll start swimming toward you. You’ll have to repeat two more times to get her to shore.

Milkmaid of the Milky Way Walkthrough & Puzzle Guide: Day 2

milkmaid of the milky way walkthrough, guide, cheats answers puzzles how to dry wood fix separator get nail open ufo panels ios steam
On day two of Milkmaid of the Milky Way, Ruth has to figure out how to jump aboard a UFO to rescue her cows. Photo: iDigitalTImes

The second day begins with you in the field letting the cows graze. As you leave the grazing land to get about your day, suddenly the ground starts to shake and you see a UFO flying overhead. Sh*t’s getting real, ya’ll. You head back to check on your cows and see a UFO overhead. It then proceeds to suck your cows up into the ship. The first challenge of the day begins – get the cows back!

  • How To Get Onto The UFO – To get on the UFO you need to head across the little bridge and down the path with the scary ledge and you’ll see the space ship hovering near the edge. You will need to back up and double tap the screen to run and jump onto the ship when it hovers near the ledge.
  • How To Open A Door/Panel In The UFO Floor – once you board the UFO and climb up the wing, you can head right towards the golden dome thing. You arrive on a platform with a bunch of rectangles in the floor that look like doors without handles. All of them will be shut tight, but one has a tiny crack/hole along the side. You’ll have to use the butter to grease the edges, but first, the butter must be melted.
    • How To Melt the Butter – to melt the butter, head back out towards the ship’s wing that you climbed up. Walk to the upper-left hand corner of the wing and there will be a small and narrow path you can go down that leads you to the side of the ship. There is a grey platform you can walk down that heads to a grey metal floor with vents that are shooting out steam. On the side of the platform is a control panel with some holes in it. Stick the spoon in that panel and it acts as a lever. Press down on it and the steam shuts off. Walk across the floor to a lighter colored rectangular space on the floor and set the butter on top. It will melt to grease. Pick it up and take it back up to the golden floor. Apply it to the metal panel with the crack. Shortly after applying, step onto the door and you’ll fall through.
milkmaid of the milky way walkthrough, guide, cheats answers puzzles how to dry wood fix separator get nail open ufo panels ios steam
Figuring out how to open the panels on the UFO takes quite a bit of trial and error to figure out! Photo: iDigitalTimes

As we unlock more puzzles in the game, we’ll continue to add to this walkthrough.

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