Mechs V Kaijus: Last Major Beta Out Now

Mechs V Kaijus Last Major Beta
Mechs V Kaijus Last Major Beta Steam

Mechs V Kaijus is a unique tower defense game where you take on the role of Commander. Set up towers, establish some factories, and use your mechs to fight hordes of huge monsters called Kaijus.

The game has been in beta since 2018. Developer Doble Punch Games recently announced that the latest update is the last major beta before the title officially launches in February. You can use the code “TheFinalBeta” on Steam to try it out.

New Features

The latest patch introduces a ton of useful features and improvements. First up, you now have the option to select which input method you want to use. This is great if you are more comfortable using a gamepad instead of a mouse and keyboard, for example.

One of the most notable features is the ability to call for an emergency repair. Basically, if you have a maxed-out tower that has taken significant damage, you can initiate an emergency repair for half the price of the tower.

In addition, you can now deploy extra mechs as reinforcements on the battlefield for a price (and a hefty one at that). Take note that you can only do this if you have at least 10% HP.


Mobile Rocket Launcher (MRL)
  • Has a devastating long-range attack
  • Made in the factory
  • Low HP, but has great range and area of damage
  • Armory Wheel menu has been redesigned
  • Improved Pause Menu
  • Buy and Sell Buttons for Towers
    • Buttons for Buying (U) and Selling (U) towers are now bigger than before, making them easier to click. A visual show of shortcuts for each button has also been added
    • When upgrading a tower and it is not maxed out yet, these buttons will appear again so that you can easily do a re-upgrade
  • The Kaijus have been re-worked a lot. They are not perfect still, but they should be much smoother, and not as buggy. What out for the Dalifantes (the ones that shoot the pick death ray), they are deadly now
  • The challenges
  • Grinders damaging air units
  • Homing missiles losing frames
  • Exchange tech for gold-free money bug
  • Tanks now advance at a very slow speed when attacking
  • Repair Mechs full HP from 300 to 200
  • Some early Techs are less expensive
  • Grinders do 10% less damage
  • Flame Towers do 50% more damage
  • Rebalance of Episode 2 Special Ops
  • Mechs Armor from 500 per level to 200

Mechs V Kaijus’ last beta update is available on PC.

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