'Mafia 3' Story DLC: Three New Paid Expansions Coming In 2017

Mafia 3 will be getting three new story-based DLC packs in 2017
Mafia 3 will be getting three new story-based DLC packs in 2017 2K

Mafia 3’s DLC since launch have been pretty meager offerings, with the likes of outfits and car races added in free updates. That will change in 2017, as plans for three big story-based DLC packs have been announced by Hangar 13.

The first DLC pack, called Faster, Baby!, is planned for a late March release. This DLC will see Lincoln join forces with Roxy Laveau. Roxy is a sister-in-arms looking to take down a corrupt sheriff who is terrorizing Civil Rights activists. According to Hangar 13, this story will also revolve around dramatic car chases and “epic stunt driving,” so be sure to get your skills behind the wheel back. Faster, Baby! will also feature a new area of New Bordeaux which hasn’t been seen before.

The next DLC pack, planned for a May release, is called Stones Unturned. This story will dive into Lincoln’s past, as a new rival shows up in New Bordeaux. Working with John Donovan, Lincoln’s CIA buddy, players will settle a blood feud that began back on the battlefields of Vietnam.

The final DLC pack, called Sign of the Times, is scheduled for a July 2017 release. This story will see Lincoln doing some work for Father James and his concerns over a series of ritualistic killings. It seems a cult has moved into the swamps of New Bordeaux and they’re looking to make a statement.

Keep in mind these announced release windows are estimates. Game development being what it is, there could be an unseen delay causing the releases to slip a little behind schedule. More information about Faster, Baby! and the other DLC packs, such as a price, will be released over the coming weeks.

So what do you think? Are you excited to play more of Lincoln Clay’s story? What other additions would you be interested in for Mafia 3? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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