Mabinogi Launches Winter Season with Two New Events

New season means new events.
New season means new events. Twitter/@MabiOfficial

The free-to-play MMORPG Mabinogi kicks off its winter season with the introduction of two new events. Titled NEXT, the two-part game update offers players a way to level up faster in a more convenient way. There’s also the overhauled character growth to look forward to.

For November, there will be revised tutorials and UI improvements coming to the game. Then, in December, players can expect the arrival of Arcana talents.

For this winter season, the eager Memory Spirit Blaanid has prepared a new tutorial for everyone with the goal of speeding up leveling and questing in the game. Memoir quests, for example, have been changed and now reward players when they complete Generation quests.

Another improvement is on the Original Generation 1-3 Questline, now revamped to not only offer a friendly experience for new players but also give existing players the ability to replay quests. Other changes include the Dan Advancement test improvements and balancing adjustments to Renown, Grandmaster, and Crusader skills. All of these were done to enhance early to mid-game leveling experience for everyone.

Memoir Rewards

Improvements have been made for Memoir Rewards, including:

  • Comfortable Growth - The perfect path to growth is Blaanid’s Brave Boost, which give players:
    • Skills trained by Talent.
    • Upgraded and Reforged Memorial weapons.
    • Pet & Doll Bag Support.
  • Essential Skills and Benefits - Blaanid prepared even more gifts for new Milletians.
    • Player stats are increased as each Memoir Book is completed.
    • Recall Book Stage 1-4.
    • Movement Speed +2%-8%.
    • All Stats +1-4.
    • Additional +1-4 AP at Rebirth!

Memorial Link

Players can get access to the Memorial Link skill by finishing the second Memoir Book in Blaanid’s Brave Boost quests. Details include:

  • Skill allows a soul connection with pets.
  • Pets can be used to draw enemy aggro.
  • As pets increase in level and skill, pets and player Defense and Protection stats increase proportionally.

Cool Improvements

Quests have been reorganized, and now only display the essential ones. In addition, skill training has been improved where less training points are needed and more EXP are earnable to quickly achieve high-ranked skills. Players should also be happy to know that CP Training is gone, so monster levels are no longer relevant to training requirements.

Improvements were done as well to teleporting to Moon Gate and Mana Tunnels to make it convenient for all players, new and returning, to travel across the world map.

December Update

The changes mentioned are just the ones arriving this November. The second part of the update in December includes new content like a new pair of Hybrid Talents and the merging of two talent styles into a single devastating package. Be ready to meet also the Elemental Knight or the Harmonic Saint.

Mabinogi is an immersive free-to-play MMORPG available on PC.

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