Lost Flame Update 12.0: Brokbrog and Bottle Knight Improvements

Lost Flame Update 12.0
Lost Flame Update 12.0 Steam

Lost Flame received a major update that introduced three new mechanisms, some other new content, and several changes and bug fixes.

Brokbrog, the Giant from Hythe

The developer has introduced some changes regarding the giant from Hythe. Now, Brokborg can eat any item, but there may be situations where he will spit a random item out later. There are several combinations now available in-game, but you can look forward to many others in future updates.

Soul Essence

The essence dropped by some bosses can be used by players to craft some items at Hythe. These items are always the same and are specific in what they do.

Bottle Knight Update

In the latest update, players can give items to the bottle knight for him to use. Doing so will lead to another layer of item combinations and synergies between you and the bottle knight. Also, he will pick up items on his own if he believes them to be better than what he’s currently using.

Lost Flame Update 12.0

Other changes
New Content
  • New special type of potions - grant you permanent buffs, at a cost.
  • A bunch of new items.
Changes in Existing Content
  • Grand Executioner level and fight slight rework.
  • Calven Duning fight slight rework.
  • Some enemies will pick up items.
QoL Changes
  • Alt-tab will not force the game to revert to windowed mode.
  • All rings, amulets and wands will have icon in the inventory - similar to potions and scrolls - so that is easier to recognize them in the inventory.
  • Improved the visibility of item counts in inventory for stackable items.
  • You can enable/disable chat sounds in the in-game menu.
  • You can enable/disable borderless mode in the in-game menu.
  • Some clean up in text messages.
Balance Changes
  • Slightly more drops on easy and normal difficulty on early levels.
  • Slightly more drops in early levels and slightly less drops later.
  • Bottle knight will last much longer before disappearing and he can also follow you between areas.
  • Butchered convicts will now explode also on death.
Bug Fixes
  • Bug fix for some messages in tutorial not disappearing.
  • Fixed duplicating item glitch when having 2 stacks with the same cursed/uncursed/blessed status.
  • Axe attack - swap places will move you even if you kill enemy.
  • Added some missing sound effects.

You can read more about the patch notes here.

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