Line War is Now on Steam Offered at 25% Off

A new RTS game.
A new RTS game. Studio Centurion

There have been a lot of RTS games out there but if indie developer Studio Centurion is to be believed, Line War is bringing something new to the table. The game introduces an innovative movement system that removes tedious micromanagement. It's now available on Steam for $19.99 but is currently offered at 25% until May 13.

In a post, Studio Centurion shared that the game is simple to learn but has mechanics difficult to master. One change that RTS fans can expect is that there's no need to go back and forth between buildings or commanding groups of units. Instead, the game makes things a bit more streamlined using an innovative visual command system. There are three different command types that players can customize to fit their playstyle. After that, it is the AI that executes the choices.

Line War also switches things up by removing the time-consuming process of managing many resources. Instead, the game only asks players to manage two resources to build and maintain structures, which are energy and capital.

The key to success is planning. Players need to take a closer look at the battlefield and then come up with strategic decisions on what to do and where to go next.

At its core, the game is all about offering a multiplayer experience. Players can challenge friends or make new ones through matchmaking. After each match, players can refine their strategies and play again to see if they work. For those who aren’t really into multiplayer, there’s the sandbox mode for that solo experience.

Key features of the game include:

  • Draw Commands
    • Create movement and attack commands by drawing directly onto the map.
    • This allows players to have flexible control over unit actions.
  • Replay Again and Again
    • Randomly generate asymmetrical worlds to ensure no match or strategy is ever the same.
  • ​Select Your Starting Location
    • Players can choose where to begin in each world through the “picking phase.”
  • ​Focus on Strategy
    • Plan and strategize to achieve success on the battlefield.
    • Actions Per Minute aren't crucial for success.
  • Conquer Territory
    • Expand influence and acquire resources through territory control.
    • The more land a player has, the more they can build.
  • Manage Resources
    • Produce energy with refineries and power plants for sustained mobility of tanks, air force, and naval vessels.
  • ​Control One Army
    • Features a single traditional, recognizable army to ensure the game’s focus is on balance and strategy.

Get Line War on Steam here.

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