Liftoff Update 1.4.0: Physics 5.0 and Bug Fixes

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Liftoff recently received Update 1.4.0 that improved game mechanics, reduced loading times, and fixed several bugs.

The developers have introduced the Liftoff Physics 5.0 in this update. The new flight controller does not rely much on Unity’s physics. This reduces the time required for physics and collision resolutions, which gives it more time to render and stabilize the game for more FPS.

There was an issue where the pause menu could become unresponsive if the players close the menu during a dropdown selection. This issue has been resolved in the latest update and should no longer persist.

Liftoff Update 1.4.0

  • Liftoff Physics 5.0
    • The new Liftoff flight controller has an A.I. PID tune feature that adjusts itself based on the system's performance for a perfectly tuned setup in light. Manual tuning is also still possible.
    • New flight controller settings menu.
    • Support for multiple rate models (BetaFlight, Raceflight, Actual rates, Quick rates, and KISS). The model can be changed in the flight controller settings menu.
    • Fixed: the throttle is now more responsive.
  • Updated: Unity engine - better rendering and code performance.
  • New: Short Circuit environment!
  • Added 3 official tracks for Short Circuit
  • Updated: The "old school" level selection menu now allows you to directly select the drone, removing a loading screen.
  • Updated: While in first-person view, certain parts that would clip with the camera are now hidden.
  • Added: Search bar for tracks and races during multiplayer room creation.
  • Added: As a result of rendering optimizations, propellers can now once again remain in view (on supported rendering APIs, see next point.)
  • Added: Quick Play option to the score screen in single player
  • Added: Show/hide propellers in view is available in the game options menu.
  • Added: Battery sagging when battery simulation is enabled.
  • Added: Disarm drone option in the button setup window.
  • Fixed: Some frame parts referenced the wrong weight data
  • Fixed: Double Rainbow and Clockworks skins animate again.
  • Mr-Hcap ghost data work again in Dubai Legends.
  • Fixed: Drone trails now properly reset during a race, whereas before they would show a big jump from the previous positions.
  • Fixed: The field of view option is now consistent between menus and in-game controls.
  • Fixed: Dropdown labels that were too long would not slide back to their original position.

You can read more about the update here.

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