'League of Legends' TSM Topples the 'Unbeatable' Immortals

immortals vs tsm
Immortals just got stomped by a team that have played like a crazed zebra pack. Lol Event Vods

You can watch all the games here:

“Nobody said that TSM can win this” was the first thing said on the casters desk after game three of Team Solomid vs Immortals. TSM managed to beat Immortals 3-0, who were for most of this season considered the best team in North America. Immortals were 13-1 going into this, having the best score of any team during a regular NA split. TSM on the other hand have been playing poorly , often getting caught out and not playing as a team.

Today everything was different; every member of TSM was on the same page. Yellowstar’s support play was better in these three games than the entirety of the regular split. His Braum in game one was superb, blocking every skillshot that threatened Doublelift and Bjergsen. Svenskeren, who has been known to Gragas Body Slam in some bad choke points played out of his mind. In the last game he picked Lee Sin into Rek’sai, which is considered a counter, and still won.

On the other hand, Immortals played some weird team compositions that may have thrown them off their game. Immortals had three ADCs in game one, Having Huni on Lucian in the top lane. This was a major mistake because Hauntzer’s Maokai was able to just jump on him in every team fight, essentially neutralising their biggest damage dealer. Hauntzer managed to tank four members of Immortals and live at least three times throughout these three games.

The prophecies were true, TSM will play against Counter Logic Gaming in the finals. In the last split they fought, CLG came up ahead. If TSM manages to look as good as they did today, there’s no telling who could win.

is lucian a tank
Huni really hates playing tanks Photo: @RisenLazarus
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