League of Legends Patch 12.2 Introduces Zeri and Balancing Changes

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League of Legends recently received Update 12.2 that welcomed the new champion Zeri and several balancing changes.

Let's start with Zeri, The Spark of Zaun. She is an Attack Damage Carry champion with a unique kit. Zeri’s passive allows her to gain movement speed whenever she receives a shield. She can also absorb enemy shields and use them for herself. So, don’t counter-pick yourself in champion select. Her Ultimate looks interesting as she discharges electricity that damages enemies and overcharges herself for a short time. Overcharged, Zeri gains increased damage, attack speed, and movement speed, which makes her too dangerous.

Lethal Tempo received adjustments from this patch. It now scales between 10% and 15%, from Level 1 to 15 for melee champions. For ranged champions, the scale is between 5% and 9%, from Level 1 to 12. These are now the values for attack speed per stack.

League of Legends Patch 12.2 - Highlights

Bug Fixes and QoL Changes
  • Fixed a bug where Teleport could sometimes still target certain units other than towers before 14 minutes
  • Fixed a bug where Unleashed Teleport would permanently replace one of your Summoner Spells if acquired and used via the Unsealed Spellbook rune
  • Champions will now correctly drop Unleashed Teleport spell shards if used after 14 minutes into a game with Zoe
  • Fixed a bug where Yone could sometimes cast Unleashed Teleport while his E - Soul Unbound was active
  • Fixed a bug where towers would incorrectly target enemy champions who took damage from Kog'Maw's Passive - Icathian Surprise or Karthus's Passive - Death Defied
  • Rengar's Passive - Unseen Predator leap basic attacks will correctly trigger Navori Quickblades' Deft Strikes effect
  • Fixed a bug where taking damage from certain jungle monsters would sometimes incorrectly grant stacks toward Force of Nature's Absorb passive
  • Fixed a bug where triggering Glacial Augment's passive would incorrectly count toward triggering Eclipse's Ever Rising Moon passive
  • Enemy player chat and emote mute toggle buttons have been fixed and will no longer overlap with other icons on the scoreboard
  • DJ Sona and K/DA Seraphine's in-game music mute toggle buttons have been fixed and will display correctly next to their champion icon on the scoreboard every game
  • Chat restriction notifications have been fixed and will once again inform players how many messages they have left in their limit

You can read more about the update here.

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