'League Of Legends' Galio Rework? New Facebook Teaser Shows Demacian Giant With Wings

Galio rework incoming?
Galio rework incoming? Riot Games

League of Legends just posted a new image on their Facebook page that might hint at a rework for a long-neglected stone golem. The image shows a towering giant with a face hidden behind a sun glare. The being, which looks very holy, has two massive wings and looks to be made out of stone. Sounds a lot like Galio, the AP mage who has to fight in auto attack range.

You can see two people standing in awe in front of the giant, who look a lot like Lux and Helmet Bro. These two are Demacian soldiers... and you know who else is Demacian? Galio, the gargoyle who just wants to go on adventures and protect his homeland. I’d love for him to turn into a holy deity that could 1v1 Malphite with ease.

Galio has been one of the most neglected champions in League of Legends , a hero who has watched his friends get reworks, visual updates and story rewrites, while he had to sit and gather dust. This flying Debonair is one of my favorite League champs, even though he is absolutely awful in today’s meta. In a world full of hard crowd control, you just can’t stand in the middle of a team fight and hope nobody can stop you.

There’s no actual confirmation that this is Galio, but fans are pretty sure that it’s not an Aatrox skin. There’s a guy on reddit who said he will tattoo the original Soraka splash art on his ass if it isn’t the gargoyle’s rework. I admire his conviction and stand by his guess.

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