'League of Legends' Dark Star Skins Welcome You Into Oblivion

Splash art for Dark Star Thresh, spooky
Splash art for Dark Star Thresh, spooky Riot

We got a gorgeous teaser for Dark Star Thresh last week , and we finally know what the new League of Legends skin looks like. Fresh on the PBE, the Chain Warden’s new skins features him as a cosmic deity who wields a black hole for a lantern.The lantern even changes as he collects more souls, gaining cosmic energy and growing bigger. The Chain Warden will cost 1820 RP, have brand new VFX and a voice over.

Dark Star Thresh’s random interactions are also really unique. For his laugh, Dark Star Thresh pokes his lantern and a picture of a space themed champion or skin appears. There’s something so rewarding about seeing Astronaut Teemo’s soul locked in Thresh’s lantern. Maybe he can say hey to Lucian’s wife. His joke makes a frog pop out of the lantern, which is worth 1820 RP on its own. I already have Championship Thresh, but it looks like this new skin will be all I play when I get stuck playing support.

Because Riot loves to release cool skins in duos, we also got Dark Star Varus.For 1350 RP, you get everyone’s favorite purple archer finally becoming one with the universe. His bow now has four prongs, and expand to unleash an arrow made of stars. Dark Star Varus’ recall has him getting sucked into a black hole, which looks a bit like he’s getting sucked down the toilet. Kalista isn’t the only ADC that can match with Thresh now.

I remember when League of Legends was a goofy game with grounded characters, now we can have a full cosmic team featuring a dragon that actually made the universe and whatever god Bard is.

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