John Boyega in ‘Black Panther’?‘ 'Star Wars’ Actor May Be Headed To The Marvel Universe

John Boyega could be the next star to join Ryan Coogler's 'Black Panther.'
John Boyega could be the next star to join Ryan Coogler's 'Black Panther.' Getty

Black Panther was the best part of Captain America: Civil War , and now T’Challa is sitting in the center of the black multi-million dollar blockbuster film that we’ve needed for like 50 years. Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige recently confirmed 90 percent of the Black Panther cast will be either African or African-American. Considering T’Challa was Marvel’s first black superhero, a diverse cast featuring primarily actors of color doesn’t come as a surprise; it’s just never been done before.

The latest actor rumored to join Chadwick Boseman’s T’Challa in the fictional African nation of Wakanda is none other than Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ John Boyega. The evidence comes shortly after Michael B. Jordan was confirmed to star in the film alongside fellow Star Wars actress Lupita Nyong’o.

It all started when Boyega posted a suspicious Snapchat yesterday with the caption “meeting” not long after Feige started following him on Twitter. The guys over at Heroic Hollywood recovered Boyega’s Snap and shared it with fans.

Boyega expressed interest in a Black Panther film years ago, when he posted about aiming for a Marvel role and wanting to book a flight to Wakanda.

Boyega’s relationship with Nyong’o adds to the hype. Both are currently filming Star Wars: Episode VIII, and as a Twitter photo suggests, Boyega appears to be quite good friends with the award-winning actress.

Boyega’s already part of the Disney family, so that’s working in his favor as well. Director Ryan Coogler ( Creed ) and Boyega are indeed acquainted, as a Star Wars r ed carpet photo proves.

Michael B. Jordan is rumored to turn up as a villain, which will be a first. Nyong’o hasn’t yet been confirmed as the female lead, but she’ll probably end up playing Black Panther’s love interest. As long as Marvel can negotiate so the Black Panther filming doesn't get in the way of Star Wars: Episode VIII , Boyega should have a solid chance at a supporting role.

Coogler recently revealed Black Panther is his “most personal movie to date” and if he wants passionate actors invested in the project, Boyega’s his guy. Can you see John Boyega in Black Panther ? Let us know what you think the comments below!

Black Panther is due in theaters Feb. 16, 2018. Production begins in early 2017.

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