‘Jessica Jones’ Season 2 Will Tell A More Personal Story, Showrunner Says

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Jessica Jones Season 2 will delve deeper into Jessica's mental state post-Kilgrave. Netflix / Marvel

Plot details are sparse, but a few weeks back, showrunner Melissa Rosenberg teased Jessica Jones Season 2 is going to focus on secondary story arcs (presumably Hellcat and Nuke). Now more tidbits are filtering in about what's to come. Rosenberg and the show's stars spoke more about Jessica’s character on Thursday with Entertainment Tonight.

Rosenberg told ET she’s “just starting to creatively gear up” for Season 2, and said it’s going to get very personal.

“So, the guys coming in to take over the city, she doesn’t really care, she’s like ‘Take us down, I just need to pay my rent.’ Whatever we do, it will be personal to her. It will be a personal story.”

Krysten Ritter knows it could take Jessica awhile to heal after the whole Kilgrave mind-control situation, and that’s exactly what’s in store for next season.

“[I’d love] to dig deeper into the psychology of the aftermath of [Season 1 villain] Kilgrave (David Tennant), and maybe we could do a couple big stunts. I’d be down for that,” said Ritter.

Rachael Taylor, who plays Trish Walker, teased her transformation into Hellcat. As Ritter said herself, the aftermath of Kilgrave leaves an emotionally fragile Jessica even more mentally unstable. This is where Trish comes in. Jessica’s going to need some help, especially if she’s just focusing on paying rent like Rosenberg said.

Hellcat is Trish’s superhero alias. In the series, Trish isn’t known to have the mystical powers  she does in the comics where she can sense spiritual energy and can create a force field to deflect mystical attacks. This isn’t to say she won’t somehow acquire new abilities in Season 2. Taylor said Jessica and Trish’s relationship will unfold in “different ways.”

“I think there’s so many layers to this character,” Taylor told ET . “One of the things I’m really looking forward to, aside from all of the potential martial arts or athleticism, is seeing her relationship with her mother unfold a little bit more. I had a really good time working with [Rebecca De Mornay, who played Trish’s overbearing stage mom, Dorothy] and obviously working with Krysten and seeing their friendship unfold in different ways. There’s lots to play with.”

The Jessica Jones Season 2 release date is still up in the air, but we know it’s filming back-to-back with The Defenders in late-2016 to early 2017. There’s a chance we could see Jessica Jones in Luke Cage, which is next to release on Netflix September 30. It’s most likely Jessica Jones Season 2 will come after The Defenders miniseries, where she’ll team up with Luke Cage, Daredevil and Iron Fist. The last time we saw Jessica and Luke Cage together, they weren't on the best of terms. However, comments from Mike Colter and Ritter suggest the two don’t hold a grudge.

“I love me some Mike Coulter,” Ritter said with a laugh. “[Jessica and Luke] are so different, but they both have something kind of broken inside, and they identify with each other because of that. There’s just some magic that happens”

If Jessica can’t cope with the trauma Kilgrave left behind, how will she be able to keep up with The Defenders ?

“She’s gonna hold her own,” Colter assured. “I think it’s going to be great to have the one girl, I don’t think any girl doesn’t like being the only girl in the room. I think she’s going to be just fine.”

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