Does Jessica Jones Have A New BF In Season 2? Set Photos Suggest So

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luke cage jessica jones netflix
Luke Cage (Mike Colter) and Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter) in the 'Jessica Jones' series Netflix

Jessica Jones Season 1 left off in an unhappy place, but it looks like the hero’s run with The Defenders may have brought in a little light into her life. Jessica appears to be very happy with someone special in set photos for Season 2 unveiled on Tumblr this weekend.

All we can say is, ‘Sweet Christmas!’ After all the trauma of Kilgrave in Season 1, seeing Jessica happy is amazing. Hopefully, Season 2 will be less depressing than the first. Check out the Tumblr link to see the actual smooch.

Before we meet this new dude, though, it will be interesting to see the dynamic between Jessica and Luke in The Defenders . They had a fling in Jessica Jones Season 1, where Luke’s character was first introduced, and it didn’t end well. Jessica, under Kilgraves influence, murdered Reva Connors, Luke’s wife. She kept it a secret from Luke, who believed she died in a bus accident. The two ended up getting in a huge fight and to protect herself, Jessica blasted Luke with a shotgun to the face. 

However, matters became more complicated after Luke Cage Season 1, where it was revealed Reva kept secrets about her time at Seagate. Reva lied, saying she didn’t know about the experiments even though she really did.

Luke later found a friend in Nurse Claire Temple (after a short fling with Misty Knight) and we’re not quite sure of the status of their relationship. It will be interesting to see how Luke handles this love triangle in The Defenders.

There’s now word on who Jessica’s new mystery man is. Jessica Jones Season 2 isn’t expected until next year. The Defenders arrives on Netflix on August 19.



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