Iron Man VR Update 1.06 Adds New Game+ Mode, Ultimate Difficulty, QoL Changes, And More

Developer Camoufla has announced a demo for Marvel's Iron Man VR, set to release exclusively for the PlayStation VR on July 3.
Developer Camoufla has announced a demo for Marvel's Iron Man VR, set to release exclusively for the PlayStation VR on July 3. Sony Interactive Entertainment

Marvel's Iron Man VR may not be as critically acclaimed as many other PS4 exclusives. However, that won’t stop developers Camouflaj and Darkwind Media from supporting it. The game just received a massive update that adds tons of new content, makes several QoL changes, and also adds new challenges.

Here is the small rundown of the Update 1.06 that was released last Friday.

New Game Modes

Camouflaj and Darkwind Media have listened to the fans, and the much demanded New Game+ is finally here. The mode will only be available if you have finished Iron Man VR at least once. You will be able to play the entire game again with all of your Research Points and Impulse Armor unlocks.

A new difficulty is also made available. The masochist fans that enjoyed the ‘Invincible’ difficulty can try out the game again with the new ‘Ultimate’ difficulty. The new difficulty setting will be more difficult, and is probably going to be responsible for some broken VR headsets.

New Weapons

Armor Station now has four cool new weapons for you to try out. A new playthrough of the campaign requires new weapons. Below are the names and descriptions of the new weapons provided by the official PlayStation blog.

The Continuous Beam Repulsor -

  • Allows you to sustain a beam for several seconds, dealing continuous damage as long as it’s held.

EM Charge Cannon

  • It can fire a charged shot right through the hardlight shields of those pesky Skull, Revenant, and Wight drones.

Micro Swarm

  • A “fire-and-forget” intelligent anti-swarm weapon, great for disabling large groups of enemies.

The Gravity Bomb

  • Creates a singularity that traps multiple enemies in a single location and is perfect for setting up a devastating shot from the Scatter Shot or Anti Armor Missile!

New Custom Armor Decos & Challenges

Eight brand new Custom Armor Decos are added to the Armor Station, and yes, you can unlock them by completing challenges. PS: One of them is the famous Iron Patriot suit.

New Quality of Life Features

Loading times have been reduced drastically, especially for the Shangai missions. Now you can spend more time playing the game rather than looking at the loading screen.

Watching the same cutscenes while replaying a mission is boring. That’s why Camouflaj and Darkwind Media have now given you the option to skip it. Keep in mind that you can only skip the cutscenes if you have completed the mission at least once.

Cutscenes aren’t the only thing you can skip. The update will now allow you to skip two story missions. Skipping the missions will mark them as ‘completed’, however you still need to complete them for the trophies.

You can learn more about the update from the official PlayStation Blog Post.

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