Infliction, A Psychological Horror Game, Will Be Releasing For Consoles Later This Year

It's now available to play on the PC via Steam.
Blowfish Studios announced a console release for the psychological horror title Infliction, set to release later this year.
Blowfish Studios announced a console release for the psychological horror title Infliction, set to release later this year. Blowfish Studios

We might be looking at a revival of the single-player horror adventure genre, as release after release of different horror titles have recently been popping up. Adding to this ever-growing list is a new entry for the ever-popular psychological horror genre called Infliction, which has been announced by its publisher publisher Blowflish Studios for a console release on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch sometime in Q4 2019.

Infliction first released on PC via Steam back in October of 2018, where the game is currently enjoying a Very Positive reception. This planned console version will cost $19.99, and will feature support for English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese language options. It’s also expected to carry over the patches and updates made to the game since its first inception. Check out the game’s announcement trailer for consoles below.

According to its developers, Infliction is first and foremost an interactive nightmare, one that’s set within a normal-looking suburban home. If the premise already sounds familiar, then don’t worry, because it is – it’s quite similar to P.T., Hideo Kojima’s take on Silent Hill which was infamously shut down by Konami. That short playable teaser sparked a wave of other psychological horror titles all set within a regular domicile, which is why you still see games inspired by it today.

The game lets you view the tragic remnants of a once-happy family that’s been thrust into something very sinister. As you read the letters and journals, listen to the voicemails and piece together the clues, the events that lead to this tragic happening begins to show itself to you. However, it also becomes apparent that you are not alone, as something horrible has remained in the house, described by the game as a being of infinite grief and rage. It would serve you well to avoid this sinister force, much like what you’d do in other psychological horror games like Outlast.

Infliction also features a very realistic and interactive house that changes the deeper you go in. If you’re looking for something to trigger your claustrophobia, then this game is right up your alley.

If you’re looking to play the game’s console version before its eventual release, Infliction will be playable at PAX West this year, which runs from August 30 to September 2 in Seattle. It’s part of Blowfish Studios’ lineup for the gaming event.

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