HypeSquad Second Private Test Ongoing and Features Updates

Another chance to experience the game ahead of the others.
Another chance to experience the game ahead of the others. Netmarble

The second private test for the battle royale third-person shooter HypeSquad is now live. This means another chance for those who want to be among the first to experience the game. This test ends September 26.

To register for the second private test, interested players simply need to go to the registration page through Steam or the official website. Players will obtain a participation code or Steam Product Code after following the instructions. Registrations are accepted until the last day of testing.

Key Updates

As a result of the first private test, some updates and changes have been implemented to improve the gameplay experience. Key updates include:

  • New Strategies and Combat Styles
    • Since the goal is to offer a real-time PvP action game that all players can enjoy, the second private test makes it easier for everyone to learn basic game mechanics.
    • This is to improve combat responsiveness along with situational awareness during battle.
  • Basic Attack Improvements
    • The average attack damage of all weapons has increased.
    • This should lower the gap between experienced and new players.
  • Weapon and Ability Selection
    • Players can now choose one regular weapon and two different abilities before a match starts.
    • This gives players more choice in their initial strategy and increases defenses before the battle begins.
    • Being able to equip two abilities should create interesting dynamics before the start of the first round.
  • Speed
    • Animation and movement speed for basic attacks have been adjusted.
    • Sprinting speed has slightly lowered.
    • Players can now enter sprinting mode at a faster rate.

HypeSquad is a game where players join a three-man squad in a 20-squad battle and try to survive in intense close-quarters combat. Different weapons and options let players creatively personalize their combat style to lead their squad to victory.

HypeSquad features a diverse cast of characters, each with different backgrounds and motivations. There’s also a wide range of unique melee and ranged options that allow players to choose multiple weapon combinations. Players can also get several items and upgrades on the field, which can help boost their performance, like support items and augmenters. Finally, the game features interactive objects, like zip lines and jump pads, adding a layer of strategy for players to consider as they go for the win on the battlefield.

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