How To Dab In 'FIFA 17': Xbox One And PS4 Players Can Celebrate In Style With This Simple Trick

FIFA 17 dab like a pro
FIFA 17 dab like a pro EA

Sometimes you need to humiliate an opponent after beating them. In shooters, we have the classic tea bag, where you crouch over a dead enemy’s head to rub the salt in the wound a bit more. In sports it’s a bit harder, but FIFA 17 is trying to fix that. In the newest soccer-not-football game of the franchise, players can drop some major shade by performing a dab.

You can dab on both the PlayStation and Xbox versions of the game. For PlayStation users, hold down R1 and double tap triangle. For Xbox players, you hold down the RB and hit Y two times. After you score a goal, input these commands and your on-screen player will BM on the victory screen. Make all those kids in Twitch chat angry by performing a dab after you cream their favorite streamer.

For those of you too old to keep up with modern day dance trends, here’s a tutorial because the internet has literally everything.

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